Dresden Report

Author: merry - enn
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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greetings from the eastest east of the german trance szene

in the last months several organizers and clubs in dresden got to feel that
their contribution to the youth culture, all the same into which style, from
which is not desired authorities here. above all the technoid scene is
rather flatput by internal messages of the police, editions, locking by
clubs etc.. no miracle the fact that most activists loses the desire here to
clean-put energies into projects if by the authorities is versaut. best
example is the 3-days-"ohrgasmus-festival " in the april, at which the
engine was opened as new location – the triebwerk in the of dresden.
in order for this party too received a special permission, 12 emergency
exits had to be inserted, walls set and many other expensive construction
measures be occurred, what was fulfilled also by a giant expenditure.
besides strict police checks were during the party at all ways to the
location and before the engine. who under 18 was and no identity card had,
was not allowed into the location. approx. 600 policemen and some
helicopters were for this meeting in the use. so it cannot continue! but
here the removal for free life organization for art and culture (code: fkk)
with the slogan thanks dresden finds over on 01 september, the over on this
bad state into dresden attentive. although in the passed time the cultural "
hole " becomes ever clearer, our city fathers miss to against-control.
instead they shorten the funds and close culture and meeting spaces. thus
rise naturally the rents for such spaces, which high admission fees, small
alternation in that meeting variety, fewer workstation for subculture and
newcomers entails etc.. and we have that fullly. for this and many other
reasons we call all actively, let us speak themselves with their own car in
this internal message to take part. so that everyone can master our very
sporty removal distance, chill will be available cars. the removal is to
start in the afternoon and lead in the middle across the roads by dresden
across 2 rounds and end against 10 p. m. with a closing speech at the
station dresden new city. there is the possibility of announcing a car mail
in addition to . the party crew insulin productions
dresden will be active also outside from dresden: on the "nation of gondwana
" on 21.07. will provide it for itthey open air festival is finally times
again psychedelic trance thereby around this they will implement the citizen
of berlin from the freaks of heimat erde ported.

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