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Date: Mar 2, 2001
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Chaishop Label of the month Mar 2001 - Interview / Music / Info


mar 2, 2001

Chaishop Label of the Month Mar 2001

On top of the development of progressive trance are four guys that recently founded Plastik Park Records. Concept, music and contacts of this new germany-based label make it a very promising startup. The feedback from the people is massive. We did not want to leave you uninformed about it...

As we enter the 3rd millenium, we'd like to introduce you to a concept, that is existing since mankind rules this planet as the crown of creation.

Log on the holistic hot-line and become aware, that there's no light without darkness and that the ancient duel of dualism is the basic factor behind every beings life, goodness and spite, the yin and yan.

PLASTIK PARK RECORDINGS was founded to follow this formula, brother and sister, connected to build a unique and spinning platform to present the kind of information, that is supposed to be the throbbing key of life: music. techno. trance.

PLASTIK PARK, there to concentrate on the darker and lunatic side of psychedelic-techno;

So here we go, casting Tobias Beyer as the label manager, Daniel as the media-agent, both well known and beloved as the dj- dream team TOBIAS & DANIEL SUN.

In the A&R positions we find Markus Niessen, founder of the massively frequented "PSYCHEDELIC CHAISHOP" on the net; and Philipp Wolgast aka DJ PHILIPP from hamburg, known through many dj-sets he played on major trance-events across the world.



Check the exclusive Chaishop interview and listen to DJ Philipp of Plastik Park talking about progressive trance, worldwide and germany trance, the label, the people, the artists, the tour and Nina Hagen.
Interview by

Complete Interview 45 min.



Release Artist Track
Progopoly Kilophil Trockendockrocker
Progopoly Phoney Orphants Diving i.t. Dessert
Progopoly Bitmonx Noisy RMX
Progopoly Sonic Freakuency Erastotenes
Progopoly Charasmatix 23rd Century
Progopoly Bitmonx vs. Eargear Monkearness
Progopoly Bigwigs Vibra Fon
Progopoly Antix Drift
Progopoly Magnetrixx Projectile
Prime Time Plastix 12'' Prime Time Plastix Neptun
Prime Time Plastix 12'' Prime Time Plastix Brettpop
Adrenochrome 12'' Adrenochrome Optical Feedback

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Plastik Park Records
Im alten Hof 25a
50169 Kerpen



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