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Date: Jun 1, 2001
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Chaishop Label of the month June 2001 - Interview / Music / Info


Jun 1, 2001

Chaishop Label of the Month June 2001

Trance in Italy has always been a bit difficult - not much italien got really into it. But exceptions are there to be found: Etnica, lots of italien trancers on international festivals like Boom and now... the first italien trance label: Neurobiotic Records. It's worth lending them an ear...

Neurobiotic Records is the first 100% italian based trance label. It’s founded and managed by two dj’s (Edoardo Marvaso and Marco Lari) and a musician (Mario Checchi) and it’s based in Rome. Our aim is to produce techno, trance and ambient music that have in common a psychedelic pinch. We trust in quality, every track released on our label has been tested on dancefloors around the world for months before our release. All our tracks are new and previously unreleased, and we will always offer a chance to new artists and to new music to be published.


Edoardo Marco


Check the exclusive Chaishop interview and listen to Edoardo and Marco of Neurobiotic Records talking about trance in italy, the label, their artists and upcoming releases.
Interview by

Complete Interview 15 min.



Neurobiotic startet with a compilation called "Experience" in December 2000. Upcoming releases are a Paste 12'' and the new compilation "9 pills" (june 2001). Check some music below!

Release Artist Track
Experience Parasense Frozen
Experience Etnica Warriors
Experience Rastaliens Bamboo Bola
9 Pills V.A. Authentik Data Driven
9 Pills V.A. Eqked Off the record
9 Pills V.A. Droidlock Candy Killer
9 Pills V.A. Paste Progo
9 Pills V.A. Spiritual Go Ahead
9 Pills V.A. Joti Sidhu Juice
9 Pills V.A. Earthling Dusty Hoffman
9 Pills V.A. Etnica Hologram
9 Pills V.A. Bus Detonater

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Neurobiotic Records
Mr. Edoardo Marvaso
Via Lorenzo il Magnifico, 72
00162 Rome



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