Author: Bakke
Date: Sep 11, 2000
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sep 11, 2000

DJ Bakke

Gothenburg, Sweden
Text: Bakke


Born in Sweden, may 1976.. I have always been in to electronic music such as Kraftwerk, Front 242 and Depeche Mode to name but a few, but also bands such as Pink Floyd..

Started to go to parties in 1993. Then got my hands on a pair of Technics recordplayers and started to buy records. Played on my first party in 1995 in Sweden, and have been dj:ing ever since then. I have played on a lot of parties in Sweden, but also in other countries such as Denmark, Holland, Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland and Thailand..

In 1998 I got to know Weirdo Beardo and we formed a music-project called "Palombini Power" and made some tunes together, released on Spiral Trax and Docklands Records.

Two years later I began to collaborate with Noma for the Noma-album on Spiral Trax.

At the moment I study Graphical Technology at the University i¥n Borl‰nge, Dalarna in Sweden.


Produced tunes

with Palombini Power:
-Wormhole (unreleased since the mastertape disapeared.. ) -98
-The Quest for the lost Perkulator (Docklands Records) -98
-Java Junkies (Spiral Trax) -98

with Noma:
-Goons (Spiral Trax) -08 99
-Dooda (Spiral Trax) -04 00
-Choomp (?) - 08 00

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