Author: Laureth
Date: Aug 19, 1998
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b i o g r a p h y



Dj Laureth
Spirit Zone / Plusquam Records, Hamburg, Germany

phone: ++49 (0)177 270 86 53
e-mail: /

Style: progressive psychedelic trance

Dj since: 1991

in the beginning of 1990 he was first infected by techno music. he started a club-party-series named TECHNOMANIA, which was one of the first techno events in Cologne, where he lived in this time. This was also the place of Laureth¹s first dj experiences, playing in the start Acid, Techno and Hardtrance. in early 1994 he began producing his own sound. Directly the first track he ever made was released by the just started label Polytox. Through this contact he found the way to the first PsyTrance Open Air, organized by the ELEXIER crowd. this night changed his life and influenced him in quite positive way.
Since then laureth played a lot of clubs and parties all over the world. beneath germany he played in countries like netherlands, france, portugal, switzerland, austria, denmark, hungary, russia and thailand, including big international events like solipse, fusion festival, voov + love parade, as well as full moon parties at koh phangan.
From may ´97 till october ´99, he runned a weekly psy trance radio show called Paradise fm, together with his partner Thorsten Mesrine. The program hosted lots of the most known artists of the international trance scene and was broadcasted all over europe via satelite.
in early 1999 he started working for the promotion and label group shakaree, where he founded the label tatsu recordings. directly from the start the label had a major success, showing a unique style of deep minimal psychedelic trance and psy-tech. some of the featured artists are llopis, d.p.o.d., fabel, source unknown, eargear, dj alhad, the p.o.t.s. side project adrenochrome, amphasis and its side project speechless, and of course germans new minimal trance hero magnetrixx.
in the begining of 2001 he moved to hamburg. later in the summer he decided to quit shakaree and tatsu, to start working at one of the worlds leading trance labels spirit zone. his position is a&r and general business affairs of spirit zone and he's focussing on the progressive sublabel plusquam records.

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