Existence Dance Festival CANCELED

Too less pre sale tickets have been sold

Author: Existence Crew
Date: Nov 9, 2007
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Existente Dance Festival has been CANCELLED.

We want to apologize for all those people that were implied and
trusted in this project, as well as those that already planed to come.

The only reason of the cancellation is the lack of presales.
At the moment, only 70 presales tickets have been sold. Last year, at
this point, 600 tickets were sold and on the 1st December 2006 we
closed the presale period with 1000 etickets sold. The organization
has valued the situation and considers very risky to continue forward
with a festival that needs 3200 persons to cover expenses. So we have
taken the decision to cancel it.

All the persons who bought presales tickets in an ambassador can
return them in this one itself where the money of the entry will be

And etickets already are being reimbursed by system Pay Pal, so you?ll
receive the money back in your visas in a few days. If you send us
your address and the code of receipt we will send you the CD
compilation of Existence Dance Festival when this one will be edited.

And for all that you have already bought plane tickets and still want
take advantage of the trip, the organization is trying to organise
aparty in Barcelona with some of the artists who appear in the line
up. We will inform you about that very soon.

Saludos from Barcelona
Existence Crew

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