Author: X.P. VOO DOO
Date: May 27, 2001
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upd. may 29/2001

Dj X.P. Voo Doo

Moscow, russia

X.P. (D.A.T. Power)
has played since 1994 on DATs
The founder and producer of the biggest Moscow tranceclub Aerodance (1994-1996), and
underground partypoints-LESS, Chill Out planet, Plazma.
Has played mostly all counties of Europe, USA, Israel, Afrika, Scandinavia and
Alfa-Centaurus 4(Outern Space).
Now stays in Italy
the head-leader of Aerodance corporation, the main party label of Russia.
Organised more than 400 psychodelic events, including Earthdances and Orbita
Moscow(1-6)-the biggest In-door once-a-year trance festival in the world (6000-10000 people).
the main stage DJ of Solipse'99 and Boom'00
from 1998 making music by himself with the name AERODANCE
the world producer of Para Sense (Russia)
plays each year in Goa from 1995
STYLE-Morning Blust specialist.All kinds of morning trancemusic
and just a nice guy :)

CONTACT xpvoodoo@yahoo.com


Aerodance Dj Pool

DJ Fly DJ X.P. Voodoo

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