Author: Edoardo
Date: Sep 3, 2001
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sept 03, 2001


I started djing in 1993 playing techno and Acid, but looking for some music that could really take me to a higher state. I found out this music I was looking for was psy trance. In 1995 I started playing trance with vinyls, throwing the first psychedelic trance parties in Rome. After that year, I started playing more and more, starting to play out from the Italian borders and being contaminated from a lot of different styles. I played in Ibiza, Goa, Argentina, Switzerland, Jugoslavia, Macedonia, Moscow, Denmark, Austria. I can describe my style as a "flowing beatmixed journey thru night psyberdelic techno trance".
I just started with my partners Marco and Mario the first Italian trance label called "Neurobiotic Records", which first release is the compilation "Experience", featuring tracks from some of the biggest names in modern psychedelia and some hot new comers, containing also our first track called "Spiritual - Jalan Jalan" (that means slowly slowly in Balinese). Some of our previous unreleased trax have been however played a lot, especially one called "Djokko Mekkachilum", that had a great success in Bali and Australia. Next releases of our label will be 2 12" and the second compilation called "9 Pills", featuring (9) trax from Psychaos, Etnica, Bus, Droidlock, Parasense, Spiritual, Paste and more. It will be out in may.

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