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Date: Sep 3, 2001
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Surfing the kosmik bass waves of funk!

Born in South Africa in the magikal year of 1969 and forced to endure hours of his sibling's sixties tunes it was a case of Obelix falling into the cauldron of LSD. Bumped on the head at an early age (some say he was pushed by his sister) the effects have been enduring and the source of much trippy headspace across the last few decades.

A multimedia artist by training, he moved up to Johannesburg in mid 1994 to join the then fledgling underground rave scene in Johannesburg. Joining the World's End posse (known for some of the best, first and most underground parties in Johannesburg). He started by doing decor and banners moved up to lighting and ultimately laser shows, watching and learning alongside people like Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Robert Miles and DJ Hell. Ultimately leading him to try his hand at the DJ'ing trade. First styles dabbled with were Trip Hop, Tech trance and Detroit house. He discovered Psytrance in it's many forms in 1996 and started playing it exclusively after a weekend of extreme trippines at Rustlers Valley.

Due to the varying early styles he beatmixed his sets from the start which was fairly uncommon on the Johannesburg scene at the time. The beatmixing has become more refined over the years to provide smooth flowing sets that build and build. Due to his popularity on the Johannesburg scene he has played (psytrance) at many non-trance events such as Raves and festivals around SA and in the last year has taken up a residency at Johannesburg's Techno club - GASS. He has built up a following of trance techno heads and due to the variety of crowds he has played to has become adept at reading a crowd and being able to please almost everyone on his dancefloors without compromising on quality. He connects with the spirit of the people and plays to the heart.

He has also been at the production side of things since starting and forms one half of Bent Sentient with Parasyke. They have one track out on new label Alchemy Records on the compilation Electrum. Expect more soon! He is also a label DJ for Alchemy. Also recorded a CD in 1999 of bits and pieces up to that stage under the name Midrange Freedom Fighters. CD was never distributed internationally except in the states by Purple Oz. It gained a bit of cult status especially for the tracks Deathrattle and Dark City Slicker which have done untold damage to dancefloors across the globe. Also doing the unreleased circuit are Africaned, Breathing Water, Heliosonic and Liquid Launch.

Currently also promoting and doing parties under the name Lunartech. Check the website at

Dec. 1996 - Return to the Source party at Rustlers Valley - Chrisbo, Ju Ju, Mike Dread Easter 1997 - Rustlers Easter Festival - Chrisbo, Medicine Drum, Dominik Lamb South Africa 2000 - New Years Festival - on the evening with Psychaos, Tim Schuldt and Infected Mushroom among others. (Live set) Alien Safari Jan 2000 - Dino Psaras, Frank E, Dhya (Droidlock), Shane Gobi July 2000 - Lunartech - Billy Cosmosis New Year 2001 - Alien Safari - Yumade, Paps, Tripiatrik Jan 2001 - Mushroom Mafia - Necton June 2001 - Solipse ,Zambia - Star Sounds Orchestra, Pied Piper Paul, Stella Nutella, Tristan, Dimitri, Olli Wisdom, Anti

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