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Author: Chris Organic
Date: Jun 13, 1997
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Dj Chris Organic

I was born and raised on a chicken farm in Nashville, Tennessee. There wern´t nobody there but a skyfull of air, a million chickens and me. And then one day I said "Hey Hey Hey. I think I´ll drop a little "hee hee hee"... it blew my mind. I got real kind, and I set my chickens free...

Chris Oranic started DJing in 1995, and has played all over the World at parties up to 30,000 people. In the UK parties like Science Fiction, Otherworld, Astral Pheonix, and all over Europe. He writes for the for the underground cult magazine "Dream Creation", contributing record and party reviews. In November 1996 he was featured as " Talent of the month" in the English music/fashion magazine "Wax".

Chris is the owner/manager of Organic Records, a label he started with a vison "to bring back the human, Organic element back to the trance scene". Up to now there have been several 12" and CD/ Vynil compilations. The label had a break between the middle of 1999 and end 2000 while Chris was busy making music, notably his collaborations with the German band Prisoners of the Sun which got released on Spiral Trax International.

Since August 2001 Organic Records is back, with the following release

Sept 2001 ORG008 Chris Organic & POTS: Single Child Syndrome (voted tune of the year)
OCT 2001 ORG009 : Bass Porridge/ Vicious Rumours
tba 2001 Organic Records next compilation!

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