Michele Adamson: Favorite records ever

Her 9 all time future-self sculpting records...

Author: Michele Adamson
Date: Jun 13, 2007
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Michele Adamson - Her 9 all time future-self sculpting records

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1. flood - they might be giants 1990

this record has a lot to answer for. TMBG went on to such dizzy heights as making the Malcolm in the Middle theme tune. i knew the words to this entire album off by heart and often sang it when there was anyone within earshot to annoy. `everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around´...what pearls of wisdom! Or even `istanbul was constantinople so if you´ve a date in constantinople she´ll be waiting in istanbul´ and the poptastic `i´m your only friend i´m not your only friend but i´m a little glowing friend but really i´m not actually your friend but i am. blue canary in the attic by the light switch who watches over you. build a little birdhouse in your soul´ .. now if only i could write lyrics that made half as much sense as that i´d be a publishers wet dream.

2. nevermind - nirvana 1991

the herald of MTV. weird al made a tribute to smells like teen spirit with a video filled with bouncing, hairy arm-pitted cheerleaders. awesome. but seriously tho. come as you are, something in the way, lithium... an album full of hits. how depressing for them.

3. blood sugar sex magik - red hot chili peppers 1991

what i got you got to get it put it in you
nuff said

4. no need to argue - the cranberries 1994

dolores´ celtic harmonies reminded me of Clannad and Enya but with a vastly increased universality radius. had my first snog with a girl to this album. <3

5. violent relaxation - total eclipse 1996

wow this album really moved me. i was going through some wild days and wicked nights and threw myself with passionate abandon into love, life and the UK trance scene. when my tender first love disintegrated it was this album that reassured my broken heart that i was still capable of feeling a depth of emozione so profound that it would spirit me aloft on gossamer wings should trouble come my way.

6. bible of dreams - juno reactor 1997

they had a great launch party in London, in the Rocket i think. Mike Maguire stepped out onto the stage in leather trousers and i thought he looked old until he started to play his guitar. Rock Gods in Leather trousers. you don´t know why it´s allowed but it works.

7. Are you Shpongled? Shpongle 1998

after silence music is the closest one can come to expressing the inexpressible.

8. classical mushroom - infected mushroom 2000

yay for sweaty, over-packed nightclubs...or at least that´s what this music made me feel when i first saw Infected perform at tyssen st. in east london. it was also the first time i heard vocals in trance that weren´t sampled. duvdev´s humming over sacred electronica was criminal and i suddenly had urges to be an outlaw.

9. the planets - Gustav Holst 1916

pure power. transports, inspires, frightens, lifts...amongst other acolades this album is brainfood. feed it to your children. (-if they can handle it. if not get a new one. high five!)

P.S.: haven´t put an ella fitzgerald album in and that disturbs me... Ella-Live in Berlin (1960) is my timeless delusion of grandeur. Hail Ella, she eats scatmen for breakfast!

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