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Author: BamBam
Date: Jun 4, 2007
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Well known Sydney DJ’s and production team Tom Piper and Elroy, are thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new and exciting electronic music label: bambamMuzik.

Introducing bambamMuzik, Australia’s freshest record label focussed on the creation, production and promotion of undefined, undiluted, raw and real talent! bambamMuzik is the brainchild of two of Australia’s finest: Tom Piper and Elroy. Upon its official launch in May 2007, it has created a unique outlet for Australia’s expanding electronic music scene.
“It’s hard to describe what we release, as we haven’t put up any musical genre ‘walls’ or ‘barriers’, as long as it’s solid, it’s bambam! Our own music is very ‘song based’ and you couldn’t really group it into a particular genre either”, says label manager and co-founder Tom Piper.
With careers both steeped heavily within the dance and urban scenes over a number of years, Piper and Elroy collectively bring their own individual flavours to the creative mechanics that is bambamMuzik. Descendants of the early days of raving and forming an alliance back when both were seedling DJ\'s of the club circuit, both Piper and Elroy invested a mutual vision in starting up their own independent label and started working on music together. Drawing from their combined strengths, Elroy and Piper have since toured overseas, played major festivals, written music scores for Channel Ten reality monster ‘Big Brother’ and the ‘ARIA Music Awards.’ They have had numerous tracks and remixes in the Top 10 of the ‘ARIA Chart,’ a #3 track in the ‘DJ Mag – Breaks Chart’ and have remixed some of the biggest names in Dance.

Their list of achievements is long and varied, with enough to whet the appetites of those seeking enlightenment to the beginnings, presiding and future workings of bambamMuzik as a label, production outfit and DJ/live show.
Holding credible weight in the Sydney DJ scene, both Piper and Elroy hold court when spinning for their selective audiences, in the A-list of the Emerald City’s hottest spots. They are planning a national and Asian tour late 2007, Europe and the Americas in ’08. Hard work is the consistent ethos displayed by both Piper and Elroy in every aspect of their careers. The two remain steadfastly humble in the wake of such a groundbreaking achievement, with the launch of their label and no room for inflated egos or misinformed titles here – what you see is what you get! The guys will be doing bambam Muzik DJ sets & live shows. The Long term vision for bambamMusik resonates a universal message: “We are just about releasing ours and other guys’ quality music and playing it loud on big sound systems across this planet!”

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