Dj Equinox

Author: Olly Reinke
Date: May 30, 2007
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Date: 30.05.2007
Text: Olly Reineke

Equinox has been a Dj since 2000. Before he started spinning the turntables
he had played drums in several bands, ranging from Hardcore, Metal, Jazz
Rock, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass to Psytrance. Equinox has been internationally
booked, especially by Mansura Prod. in Switzerland. After spending four
years in Switzerland he returned to Bielefeld, Germany in 2004 and now plays
in Clubs like Druckluft Oberhausen, Waldfrieden and Bielefeld Projekt on a
regular basis as well as on festivals nationally and internationally.

Equinox\' preferred sound is a mix of Psychedelic,Acid and Isratrance - Full

Favorites Full on : Ultravoice,Domestic,Bizarcontact,The Good Bad And
Ugely,Tastic Mind,XSI,Xerox & Illumination,Astrix,Mindcontrol...

Favorites Dark Psy : Highko, Phyx, Phatmatix, Void, Azax Syndrom, Outer

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