Kiwa- On The Frequency

Rewieved by Dj Bakke

Author: Bakke
Date: Mar 29, 2007
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Date: 28.03.2007
Text: Bakke

I really enjoyed the first album from Kiwa so I got very excited about their new album \"On the Frequency\". Usually when I think about psychedelic trance-music from Finland, its this very weird, strange music like Omen or Midilito.. the stuff I often heard on the small secluded parties in Örebro back in the days.

This is miles away.

It starts off with \"Access\", in my opinion one of the more weaker tunes on the album.. standard progressive trance. \"Up in Smoke\" gets things moving a bit, its groovy and funky. Enjoyable for sure. The album title is next, \"On the Frequency\" and it really kicks in with a rolling 16bit bassline. It rolls and flows.. an open air field rocker! The following two trax doesnt really leave that big inprint on me, but \"Fire Escape\" sure does.. this is fat pumping break-beats at its best! Personally I think its the highlight of the whole album. \"Syndrome\" and \"Hertz so Good\" are my second favorites here.. mainly for the funky groove and the nice build.

Over and all this is a nice and good quality album. Its well produced, it works on the dancefloor and for listening back home or in the car.
The only thing I miss here is one or two strong hits. Something that sticks out more. Its nice but not that much more, done very well, but missing something.

I wish Matti and Markku best of luck with this one.. they did hell of a good job here prooving once again that good quality progressive music comes from Scandinavia. ;)

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