Festival in Katmandhu

Author: Daniel
Date: Mar 27, 2007
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Date: 27.03.2007
Text: Katja

Here is a short report about the upcoming Nepali psytrance scene. We made the first Shiva Ratri Festival just outside Katmandhu overlooking the town with babas and monks attending inthe morning :-)

High upon a mountain overlooking the kathmandhu valley in walking distance to one of the countries large monastreys the first mahashivaratri party was held in Nepal. The first international psychedelic trance gathering with djs and liveacts from all around the world.

Even though two days before the party was the coldest day in kathmandu since 62 years, an enthusiastic crowd gathered on the beautiful location where the local psytrance team decorated and organized the party.

Two nights of twirling soundscapes and pumping rhythms where enjoyed in familiar atmosphere by psytrance lovers from around the globe. Unfortunately Dj Karan from Bombay and the headliner Psysex cancelled just two days before the party even though the flight tickets where payed and all agreed beforehand.

Nevertheless the present Djs such as Dj Satwah, Dj Hydra from Mumbai, the producer act Manussa, Dj Sanuk, and the very nice local Nepali Djs such as Dj Vibe, Dj Kranti and B-Man, as well as the co-organizer Haji Baba delivered excellent brain food so that the absence of the high salary top names did not matter.

What more is there to say; very nice people, good organization and killer sound for the initiated :>) next year the mahashivaratri festival will be held again and due to lunar month it will be a month later in march which means summer has come to Nepal.

We will be there and look forward enjoying again with the Nepalese family. Watch out for the upcoming Nepali Psytrance heaven.

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