Making Noise In The Bushes

Interview with NoiseAnomalie

Author: Sam
Date: Mar 22, 2007
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Date: 23.03.2007
Text: Katja Turpeinen

I’m talking to Dylan Reeves from Noise Anomalie/ One Foot Groove Records from South Africa. Hey Dylan how is it going?

Dylan: I’m fine, and you?

Sam: Also not too bad, ha ha ha

Sam: You are just starting a new label; your new live act and you are coming out with your first release. So I’m wondering what and who is Noise Anomalie?

Dylan: Well I’m pretty new; I started probably about 3 years ago now. Starting with making my own music. I started with Hydraglyph and they showed me how to use Cubase and all of that.
And then I developed it from there.

Sam: When you produce music, what is your idea of psy trance and how do you approach?

Dylan: Well I start with a bassline and a kick and percussion and it pretty much progresses from there. It is very much like free style. I like to keep it full- on but groovy at the same time. And with nice psychedelic melodies.

Sam: You are pretty new in this scene. Did you also start to go to trance parties around 3 years ago?

Dylan: No that is more like 6 years ago. At first I got into the djing and then into the producing.

Sam: Do you think there is a difference between producers that have started recently and those that started ten years ago?

Dylan: Actually yes I do think there is a little bit of difference. What was back about 6 years ago was not that psychedelic and full on as it is now.

Sam: And regarding the way of production. How are you producing? Are you just using only computers or are you also working with synthesizers and stuff?

Dylan: I use mostly the computer, Cubase, and I have a midi controller that I use as well. At the moment I’m looking for a synth.

Sam: So what is a perfect setting for a Noise Anomalie set?

Dylan: Its probably mid day when the sun is up and everybody is on the dance floor and having a good time.

Sam: Maybe you can tell us a little bit about the trance scene in South Africa?

Dylan: The scene here is growing quite a lot these days. And now when its summer season there is a party every weekend. It’s getting a lot bigger and a lot more people are coming and getting involved. The South African sound is a very unique as well.

Sam: And the parties are very “deep in the bushes”? he he he

Dylan: Ja very deep in the bushes. Ha ha ha

Sam: Together with your new act, you also founded a new label, One Foot Groove, what can we expect from your label?

Dylan: Hmm well we haven’t really defined our sound yet. Our next release is going to be a compilation with tracks from the big acts in South Africa. Then we want to search for new acts with a different sound, that we would like to release. We are also into management of band and stuff like that.

Sam: What artists are going to be on your compilation?

Dylan:We are looking for…. (connection is broken)

Sam: Hallo? H a l l o? Oh I need to reconnect…
Sorry for the interruption, out Internet crashed.

Sam: So yes, my last question was what kind of artists could we expect from your label?

Dylan: Yes we are looking at the guys from Timecode and some of the guys from Nexus Media and up and coming artists…

Sam: Why did you choose the name One Foot Groove?

Dylan: Well we thought that the name was pretty cool. I did not choose it, a friend of mine did. I’ll ask him, one moment. (returning to the phone) Well it was the only thing hat we could agree on!

Sam: Basically I asked my question, is there something else that you would like to tell to the public?

Dylan: Well yes our website should be up soon on And my record is out on Psyshop and SaikoSounds and many other sites as well. That’s about it!

Sam: Ok great, so thank you Dylan for the interview and good luck with your live act and releases of course. Have a great day!

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