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Germany at fast bpms!

Author: Juggler
Date: Dec 23, 2006
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1 – Name/Age/Town?

My name is Fabian Golser, I was born in Kuwait, on 17. April 1986. After living in Kuwait as well as in Mexico me and my family moved to Erlangen, a lovely town in Germany.

2 – How long are you in trance scene?

Since the age of 14 I have been listening to trance music and started to learn Djing at the age of 15. One year later I had my first underground gig in Nuremberg. 16 years old me and my brother Steffen also founded the Shape Machine, an artist network.

3 – And what do you think about our present scene in Germany and in the rest of the world ?

It s is hard to say. But I see that thinks grow again! The only strange situation I often saw at parties in Germany is that many parties just go in one direction and that’s a strange thing for me cause it looks like it splits a bit…

4 – Till now I can say that you did a little of anything, djing, promoting parties, producing music...what is the one that you like more and why?

Yes, that’s right. I want to promote our scene as good as possible! So why just doing one thing for our mission? But the first thing I discovered in the trance scene was Djing. Till now I am really addicted to it, cause of the possibility to play with the partycrowd on the dancefloor - to send them up and down with the music of fantastic producers and of my own projects. Its really amazing which kind of energies you can bring out with playing sets on parties! That’s the reason why I fell in love with it and why I always will keep it as my holy gift!

5 – And what is for you the “baddest” one ?

Its hard to say that one was the worst. Cause all of them are really tuff and to do it professional u need lots of time. But for me the hardest is to promote parties cause I never know if it runs as I thought. And this can be bad for your purse ;=)

6 – Speaking about Snack Shop, can you give a few words about the project?

Snack Shop is a new live project between Felix (Airi), a friend I met in Erlangen. He is really a great and talented young producer! After I founded together with some friends Evil Knivel records I brought Felix to his first trance party and showed him that he wasn’t alone producing this kind of music!
After this party in Berlin we started to do a second project which is called Snack Shop.
It is a new dimension auf psychedelic trance - fast, full of acid and twisted! We just founded the word Energy Trance for this kind of music.
With our first release on v/a digital drugs at geomagnetic.tv we started to promote our project, with the track Airi vs Fabiuz – Snack Shop. The track got the same name as the project we started while producing it.
Listen to it and u will know why we call it Energy Trance :=)

7 – What is your favourite equipment for producing your music?

Hard to say, but I think it is my computer. Cause the best possibilities come from digital productions.

8 – And about promoting parties, its easy in Germany?

Not really! The trance scene is getting smaller and people don’t want to drive to other places anymore for joinin a nice happening. So the scene became smaller. Also political reasons are playing against it in Germany, like the famous Hartz 4. but maybe it is just a hard time we re having and things will get better. The party crowd in Germany will grow again!

9 – Your sense of life?

Living dreams, being happy and giving people a hand as good as possible!

10 – What can we do for contacting you?

Contacting the labels I am working with is a possibility, like www.geomagnetic.tv, www.troya-music.com, the art community www.shape-machine.de and the booking agency www.quarkagency.com. And I also got an email address - . Feel free to contact me for any questions or informations!

Love and light


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