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Author: The Nano Team
Date: Nov 27, 2006
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Date: 27.11.2006

Things have been stirring at Nano with a fresh new website and myspace, new artists joining, and a five years of NANO WORLD TOUR on its way…!!

Tristan and Laughing Buddha have come aboard, both have released on Nano over the past couple of years and are close friends but they are now 100% part of the family and will be releasing albums in the near very future.

First up will be Tristan with his brand new album \"Chemisphere\" set for release in the first quarter of 2007! We are so happy to have both of them onboard and really feel their music is exactly what NANO is looking for.

Sadly nothing is coming out until early in 2007... But do we have some corkers on their way…..

AMD, Tristan and Allaby all have their artist albums out in the first half of the year and before that we have a compilation from Ans celebrating the Origin Stage at the Glade as the 3rd in the Origin series.

\'Origin - Stage 3\' features a mighty remix of The Egg\'s \'Angel of My Soul\' by Allaby, AMD\'s blinding remix of Tristan\'s \'Depends on You\' (the original of which is on his forthcoming Chemisphere), a sizzling remix by Flip-Flop of Eskimo\'s classic \'Take a look out there\' along with tracks from The Commercial Hippies, The Electric Ant, Hydrophonic, Laughing Buddha, Headroom and Zen Mechanics... ooooh...

AMD\'s debut album is done and getting primed for an early release in the new year. Big Fish features what can only be described as some of the classiest psytrance around and will surely win them new fans all over this little blue planet of ours.

The whole bleeding world seems to be jumping on the band wagon that is my space so we\'re breaking with tradition and following the crowd... Check www.myspace.com/nanorecords and you can find links to most of the Nano artists and whole load more..

NANO is also coming up to its 5th anniversary and to celebrate we are organising a World Tour for 2007, gigs will be posted on the website so watch this space…!!


The Nano Team .

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