Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere EP

Tribal Vision, October 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Oct 28, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Fitalic
Title: Atomic Atmosphere EP
Label: Tribal Vision
Format: 12\" and Digital
Released: October 2006


With releases on Bedrock, Vapour, Pangea, Nascent, 19Box, Sprout, Plastik Park and Iboga, Dutch Robin Fitters Fitalic-project is an act hard to miss, and his combination of tech house, tribal, progressive house and progressive trance certainly has me as a loyal follower. He recently released his debut album, \"Atomic Atmosphere\" on the Czech label Tribal Vision Records, and following the album is this EP, containing the title-track from the album, \"Atomic Atmosphere\", a Thomas Penton Remix and a track called \"My Destiny\".

A1. Atomic Atmosphere [130 BPM]
The first track is the title-track for both the album and the EP, but strangely enough I also found it to be the weaker of the 3 tracks featured here. It has the trademark Fitalic bouncy, upbeat groove mixing progressive house, progressive trance and tribal, some nice uplifting pads along the way and generally develops quite ok, but it just didn\'t leave that big an impression on me.

A2. My Destiny [130 BPM]
Up next is \"My Destiny\", which is actually a re-release from Plusquams compilation \"Kodama\" released earlier this year. In my opinion it certainly outshines \"Atomic Atmosphere\", being more stripped down and subtle and verging towards deeper tech house, but still with the same level of energy known from his more trancy productions. Solid work.

B1. Atomic Atmosphere (Thomas Penton Remix) [130 BPM]
The real treat of the release is made by Thomas Penton from the US though. His releases and remixes over the years was one of the reasons why I started to develop an interest for progressive house, and his remix of \"Atomic Atmosphere\" is really a top-notch track, where he maintain some of the big-room vibe from the original, but give it a more clubby and trendy electro-house touch with a really, really cool breakdown.

Bottom line:

3 tracks of good quality is what you find on this release, but if you - like me - own both the \"Atomic Atmosphere\" album and the \"Kodama\" compilation containing \"My Destiny\", there\'s really no need to pick up the whole package. That being said, the Thomas Penton remix of \"Atomic Atmopshere\" really is worth the money alone - and thank god for the digital age where you can handpick the tracks yourself.


A2, B1 (!!)




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