RGB feat. Matt R - All Night

Plastik Park, September 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Oct 22, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: RGB feat. Matt R
Title: All Night
Label: Plastik Park
Format: 12\" and Digital
Released: September 2006


Plastik Park was initially started back in 2000 and released a long list of releases with acts like Trancefeld, XV Kilist, Antix, Paste, Tegma and POTS until it closed down in 2002. In 2004 it reopened though - this time as a sidelabel for D-Nox\' label Sprout, and since then focusing on progressive house sounds, releasing EP\'s by artists like André Absolut, Fitalic, James Benitez and Eelke Kleijn, and so far 4 compilations. The newest release from Plastik Park is the labels 6th EP since the relaunch, introducing a new name, RGB.

A. RGB feat. Matt R - All Night [125 BPM]
Ok, who on earth are RGB and Matt R? To be quite frank I have no idea - they are credited as R.G.Ball and M.Rickard, which is little help to me, but regardless, \"All Night\" is a sure winner in my book. It\'s a very appealing mixture of progressive house and progressive trance, with a positive, sweet and smooth atmosphere made for the big rooms or the mornings, a very energetic bass-line and great build-ups and peaks. Beautiful.

B. RGB feat. Matt R - All Night (Nick Valerio Remix) [125 BPM]
The remix is provided by another fairly unknown name, Nick Valerio. I\'m not to familiar with his music, but do remember hearing a remix of Starecases \"Vapor Trails\" a while ago, which didn\'t leave a big impression though. His version of \"All Night\" is a quite different experience - stripped down, going deeper, dirtier and more electro-trendy than the original, while with hints of the sweet melodic twists from the original here and there, it certainly has it\'s charm.

Bottom line:

Given the fact that the artists involved in this release aren\'t as widely known as the previous releases by Plastik Park, it will probably be missed by a fair amount of people - but make no mistake, this is another good release from the German label. I\'m certainly much more hooked on the trancy big-room original, but with a quirky remix more focused on the smaller, dirty clubs, there\'s a good chance this release will have appeal to many people.


A (!!)




Plastik Park: www.plastikpark.com

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