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Author: Sebastian Mullaert
Date: Oct 19, 2006
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Submit your music to the new chillout label from Sweden

Date: Oct 19, 2006
Text: Sebastian Mullaert

Chillosophy Music is now compiling their second compilation. If you\'re
interested to send music for a possible release please do so:

Chillosophy Music
Sebastian Mullaert
S:t Pauli Kyrkogata 10
211 49 Malmoe

Any questions will be answer on:

The Musical direction on this compilation:
We will try to paint a journey thru deep ambient, experimental electronica
... maybe with some influences of looped jazz/improvisations/field
recordings ... possibly with instrumental and/or vocal appearance in some

Sebastian Mullaert
(Son Kite, Minilogue, Ooze, Dab Screen, Kooler)

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