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Date: Aug 15, 2006
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Robin Fitter comes from Hague in The Netherlands. After his first experiments with DJing in the late 90´s, he decided to take a different approach, bought his first set of production equipment and began to produce his own music. Two years later his debut release as Fitalic came out.

Nowadays the number of his releases got over 30, including tracks on Bedrock, Vapour, Iboga or Sprout. His music is being played by the likes of John Digweed, Kasey Taylor, Sander Kleinenberg or Danny Howells, just to name a few.

Currently finishing the work on his debut album that is coming out on Tribal Vision Records in September 2006, as well as various remix-productions, Fitalic has easily become a much recognized and respected name in the biz.

- Hey Robin, what´s up?

Hi michal, i\'m good man, nice to do the interview.

- To start, could you tell us a bit about your musical background? Have
you got a \"classic\" musical education? How did you get to electronic music

I started in my early year at the age of 12 with lessons to play keyboard.
When i was 18 i went out clubbing every weekend and i saw all the dj\'s
playing their records. I dicided to do the same and i start buying records
and later i was playing on schoolparties too. At the age of 20 i decided
to make my own music. I still was playing keyboard and at one day i saw a
dance due playing a live set in a club.
I started to buy some studio gear and some dj\'s/producer friends learn me
the basics. The city i live (The Hague) have a some ut good music scene.
Famous dj\'s / producers from the same city i live are: Sander Kleinenberg,
Pako & Frederik, DJ Remy, Roland Klinkenberg, Stef Vrolijk, DJ San.

- What was your first official release? When did it come out and how did
it happen?

My first official release was Daytripper/Unbalanced on an independent
recordlabel from a friend who was running a recordshop too. Everyweek a
came with my latest tracks and one day he dicided to release two of them
because i was good enough. The label called Rakish Records but nowadays he quit
releasing for that label. The second release was also for Rakish Records.

- Since then there was a big amount of your tunes released on various
labels and you also had a chance a play a lot out of your country. Where have you
played so far and what is your most memorable gig?

I played in lot\'s of countries like: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark,
Croatia, Turkey, Georgie, Indonesia, Japan. The most memorable gig was to play on the MTV party in Izmir Turkey together with Seb Fontaine. The crowd was good and there were like 10000 people
dancing on my music, it was amazing. But i also like the small clubs with
not so much people. Playing in Japan and Indonesia was very nice to do
because i love Asia.

- Do you also play live? If yes, what does your live act consist of?

Yes, i also play Live sets. In the early years i play livesets with all my
studiogear like Mixers, Fx\'s and a Akai mpc 4000. Nowadays i play livesets
with mixer, Fx\'s, Keyboard and Apple Labtops.

- How would you call a sound you make? What are your main influences?

I still call the sound Progressive/trance with some influences of
Techhouse and Tribal. I love Tribal to put in my tracks.

- Your debut album is coming out in September 2006 on Czech progressive
label Tribal Vision Records. How long have you been working on it and what
can we expect?

I have been working for like a year on the album. You can expect pure
dance music like progressive and some Breakbeat. I made an album to dance and
for playing but also to listen in for instance your car its good ;)

- Any other stuff coming from Fitalic lab in the near future?

Yes i have and 12\" release on Tribal Vision too with Thomas Penton remix.
Some more releases on Pangea Records and on Pure Substance Records.

- Would like to add anything else?

Thanks for reading ;)

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