Loopus in Fabula – Fat Ladies Bingo

Author: Neerav
Date: Jun 16, 2006
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Date: June 16, 2006
Text: Neerav

Loopus in Fabula –Fat Ladies Bingo

This is a fun release that put a smile on my face. Lots of interesting ideas and sonic constructions.

1. Doofy Duck: nice playful track. I enjoyed the guitar riff, crazy vocal riff, and upbeat energy.
2. Controversy: funny pop reference. Again, nice and playful, and upbeat.
3. Dreamschwartz: a bit experimental sounding…I\'m usually not too fond of fast 16th basslines…
4. YSD: nice tech bassline that should be enjoyed by those into that sound. Interested how the serious tech sound is balanced by trippy playful elements that come in later. I thought it was going in a serious direction but then it became quite playful, taking me by surprise.
5. Fat Ladies Bingo: fun mixture of influences and styles. I really like the synth line and groove that comes in around 2:58; that\'s killer. The music finally starts to take itself a bit more seriously at this point. But I didn\'t really understand the transition to disco/retro/funk/electro that comes 5:17.
6. Funky Express: a nice simple track, fairly effective and worthy of being played out in the right context.
7. Feel it Again: ahhh, the Georgio Morodor influence…always seems to do the trick! Not sure how I feel about the key change, and in general if there\'s a key change I like it better if it goes back to the orginal key, rather than staying in the new one.
8. Rockit: nice and deep, and a bit more serious sounding. I like the break beats in the break. Nice and funky. That section from 5: 40 onwards is nice.
9. Let\'s Dance: Hmm, would David Bowie appreciate this? I\'m not sure; but it certainly is a funny, tongue in cheek (and cheeky) look at some of the roots of our history…

Overall, I\'d say this is a very good release for fans of Eat Static, Miditerraniens, Jacques Gele, or anyone looking for psy trance that doesn\'t take itself too seriously. Good work!

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