Psytrance @ Loveparade 2006 ?

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Author: Oscar
Date: Apr 28, 2006
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As of today the Love Parade organizing committee has started to accept votes for the 35 trucks that will drive down the streets of Berlin for the Love Parade 2006. This year the concept is different and there is a possibility of creating a massive infection of the psyvirus to millions of people at once. You all have been infected by being exposed to the music, so why not show off this beautiful sound that drives us day by day to the world on this year´s love parade. Representing the psychedelic trance community is Electric Universe, Andromeda, 4 Winds Circle, Planet B.E.N., , Skunkbeat, Ma Faiza, Alpha and Mikadho. Please help us make this possible and vote on by following the instructions.

1) Register on

2) After your account has been activate click on \"vote your float\"

3) Search for Electric Universe or open the \"E\" in the Club Culture Promoter button

4) Click on Electric Universe and click on VOTE

Voting is possible until May 7th.

Thx for your support.

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