Chaishop Music News 020

Author: cmn
Date: Apr 24, 2006
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The latest releases, Sonic Cube (Tribal Vision Rec.) interview and DJane MaFaiza in the mix

Date: Apr 17, 2006
Text: Skunkbeat

Chaishop Music News 020

Chaishop Music News presents you the latest releases in psychedelic, progressive and chillout trance weekly from Hamburg, Germany. This show is presented by Skunk Beat. It features an interview with Sonic Cube of Tribal Vision Rec. from Switzerland and a dj set of Djane MaFaiza from India.

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  • [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
  • Compilation: Natural Healing Svadhistana - Elec3 vs Psynina - Stardust (Midijum)
  • Album: Inner Twist - Oforia - Adrenalin (BNE)
  • Compilation: Desert Dust - U-Recken - Dominator (Skykey)
  • Interview: Sonic Cube (Tribal Vision Rec.)
  • Compilation: Labyrinth Essential 001- Manuel Duego - Deception (Mikrokosmos)
  • Single: Landmark - Vibrasphere - Reservoir (Antix Rmx) (Digital Structures)
  • Album: Earth - Aerospace - Minority (Midijum)
  • Album: H2 - Haldolium - Motion (Free Form)
  • Compilation: Oxycanta - Cell - Floating retention (Ultimae)

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