V/A - Mental Displacement (SST, 2006)

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Date: Apr 21, 2006
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V/A - Mental Displacement

Cover: www.discogs.com/image/R-658238-1144323541.jpeg

Artist: Various
Title: Mental Displacement
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Shiva Space Technology (Norway)
Cat. #: SSTCD101
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: 30 March 2006

Track listing:

01. 06´44´´ Mechanix - The Rage
02. 07´09´´ Damage - Drug Zombies
03. 07´03´´ Shift - Dont You Know (Lemurians Remix)
04. 07´22´´ Mechanix - Neverland (Remix)
05. 10´05´´ Energetic - Light Way
06. 08´35´´ Hyper Frequencies - Erotica 7 (Remix)
07. 08´84´´ Neuromotor - Illumination
08. 07´42´´ Random - 2 X 4
09. 07´38´´ Killer Buds - Digital Frequencies
10. 07´42´´ Lemurians - Dub Drone (Phase Phour Remix)


I bet most of you fellas know about what impact the \"ex-Germany-based\" label Shiva Space Technology had on the trance-community, I bet especially in Europe.
If not, well.. lets just say you missed something, I guess u got some homework to do.
Anyway, DJ Christer from Norway who spins for SST got the mission to compile Mental Displacement, his first compiling-assignment I might add
The artwork is made by Christers girlfriend, and it reminds me of Christer, I bet you can see why it does if you look a lil closer.

\\|..:: And hows the tracks ::..|/

#01: Mechanix - The Rage

I get some peacefull and hard vibes from this piece, with somekind of playfull undetunez, pretty clubby mood in a way.
Whats good is that its a really welcomey mood u get. I cant really understand why the track its entitled with \"The Rage\", but what do I know anyway.
A pretty typical Mechanix-track i think, but doesnt necesery means its bad.
I still think its really israeli-influenced but Mechanix have put it into another turn.
I gotta be honest, and unfortunely i feel that i miss some power in the track to keep me hanging.

#02: Damage - Drug Zombies

Nowadays its really good to see new Damage-trax coming up on compilations here and there. What gets me going is the rawness and Hiphop-influenced(?) beats and samples.
Some heroic-kinda melodrama stringisyzing is leading is into the world of Drug Zombies.
If you like the newest released material from Damage, for example on Yage Records, u gonna like this tune as well, definetly.
Buddy, you really convinced me theres some zombies out there.

#03: Shift - Dont you know (Lemurians Remix)

This is Lemurians first track released on this year.
Im really glad that Lemurians chosed this Shift-track cause that album had a great impact on me. For sure, they wanted to return the favor in remixing-work since Shift remixed one Lemurians-track.
Its about the same happy playfull mood as Shift tuned the piece into, but with like a twist of twilight to it.
Great to see that they re-baked it, completely into their own style. It definetly feel like a worthy progression from the original Shift-track and all the best blocks from the original track is at hand. Bite it.
For me, this piece is definetly the top of the foodchain.

#04: Mechanix - Neverland (Remix)

I reckon it was a smart move to put another Mechanix-track here. I feel like it blends in with the style of the compilation. As a story, its slightly more agressive and powerfull. Still pretty careful synthworks and beats, but the realm Neverland is not as moody and slow as Mechanix - The Rage.
As before I feel lots of peacefull vibes from this landscapes, and Mechanix is really making his point with those profoundy samples inside.

#05: Energetic - Light Way

Whats bad about the track is that its pretty repetative. Could need some more work before laying down the pen. But I gotta say it does the job. The mood is in its right place.
The story takes the right way from the last place, still; close to Neverland. But drives more into a adventures and uncertain place. For me this is a track that should be played, while the Sun goes up or down, watch that \"Light Way\" and i bet you will enjoy it a lot more than i just did.
Summed up, I think this piece represents the concept of Energetic. I hope he will go along this path, but work a bit more on the building.

#06: Hyper Frequencies - Erotica 7 (Remix)

So far, this is the most driving bassline that hits my ear-drum, and I cant say that it doesnt fit the theme. The first 2 or 3 minutes of this track felt like an elevator going upwards and i think that the story is progressing well, without too much rumble on the way to the top.
If you like the dirty, smoky and undergroundish vibes that i got from Hyper Frequencies album; Red Crystal Moon, you are going to like this track. Not only because its a remix of one of the tracks in that album.

#07: Neuromotor - Illumination

If you now feel like you like french stuff, stop holding your breath, cause Christer made the right turn here.
Its still french, but the mood is no where near the dirty sounds of Erotica 7 (Remix).
I feel that we still are on a \"typical-french-sounding\" path, but we are hearing something more, energetic and aggressive leadwork. \"Meloangrica!\".
You wont be dissapointed on this piece, and again i gotta refer to Yage Records since this track really makes me remember Neuromotors past track on that label.
I find the track a bit repetative, especially on the first listen, however i think it will take you to the end of the story.
During this year, i have really learned to like the distyness of Neuromotor, and this aint an exception. Keep your eyes open for the Illumination.

#08: Random - 2 X 4

I think this really points out Geomagnetic Records-taste, as well as pointing out the Random-style as well.
Mystical vibes on this one! And the layering and synthworks is what I like the most about this fella, constantly more to come, pushing you to the finnish of the track.
From what I remember, is 8 a magical number, i dont really remember the story behind it though. But anyway I guess I must say that it was a good choice of title.
Allthough theres lots of crazyness and loony landscapes in this track, theres great structure as well.

#09: Killer Buds - Digital Frequencies

Still crazy and blipsy sounds on top of this piece. Typical twilight twists of Killer Buds, but im getting impressed by the Digital Frequencies that Killer Buds have cooked together quite instantly that the story takes off.
I feel a really driving bassline right under my nose. Its full-onish and heavy, I just wish that Killer Buds would make it more emotional and ambiental. I guess I need the contrast to keep getting me going, but the samples are almost taking care of that.

#10: Lemurians - Dub Drone (Phase Phour)

This is definetly the best Phase Phour track i have heard, and for me, remix-works is making me demand even more from the final mixdown, so to speak..
They have really suceeded to compliment to the Lemurians-track, and with their own style. Thats what matters.
Mountain-Sound for sure! It was a really good choice to put this piece in the end, cause this IS the final piece, and its really letting you mellow out from the whole \"trip\", with a really mysterical but not too dark undertone. Really peacefull!!!

What I miss, and what you shouldnt miss:

As you are compiling a cd, you gotta try to achieve an objective, like an artist you need to put all these stories together, in the best way. I guess you could call it sequencing, you are definetly sharing the greatest story here by booking the flights and deciding where we will be taken next.
What i like about Mental Displacement is that its put together in a really good way. For sure its blends.
However, I found it a bit dissapointing when I realised that this cd hardly ever was that powerfull that i know SST-releases can be.
I gotta say that its a really moody compilation, it takes you to a nice place, and I cant find a reason why you shouldnt at least try it out on your outdoor party.
I hope that you will enjoy the compilation, and that you will find the place for it on your party.

Favorite stompers: 2(!),3(!!),8,10(!!)

I will give this cd The: \"7-oT-of-10_;_4-NiCE|M00Ds-grADe\"

I hope you have enjoyed my review as well. Cheers

Discogs: www.discogs.com/release/658238

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