Mantrix - Universal (SUB 2006)

Author: damion
Date: Apr 11, 2006
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‘Universal’, Mantrix’s much-anticipated album, features nine stunning tracks selected from two years of the duo’s sonic musical explorations.

A massive act in their home country Australia, they fuse live percussion with deeply subtle sonic manipulation to create a sound that\'s energetic, diverse, and brimming with oldskool energy.

Encompassing a broad range of flavours it takes Psy-Trance to new and exciting realms whilst always maintaining a powerful compositional flow. ‘Universal’ features special guest artists such as revered Brazilian percussion outfit ‘Tumba Rumba,’ vocalists such as ‘Madhu Henry’ and inspirational spoken word messages.

‘Universal’ has a timeless quality and appeal that can be appreciated by just about anyone. ‘Universal’ lives up to its title delivering a powerful and enlightening journey. Universal is released through SUB, a sub label of Australia’s pioneering psychedelic label, Psy-Harmonics.

Available worldwide....

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And here\'s what some pundits have been saying about it...

\"All in all Universal is a f*ing amazing artist album... I simply can’t bang on about it enough\" - Damion,

\"This is EXACTLY why I\'ll never get tired of psytrance... As close to being a masterpiece as any CD I’ve reviewed for a long time.\" - DeathPosture

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