GooDTrance "Magic Visions" Party

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Author: Juggler / Tiago Rocha
Date: Mar 20, 2006
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GooDTrance “Magic Visions” Review

In the last 4th of February there was one more great party by GooDTrance in Portugal, near Coruche...the party started at 22:00pm in chillout, which one was with a beautiful and 3D deco done by Dream Machine.

At 00:30am dancefloor was open, completely decorated by Punkadelik...the sound system was in quadraphonic mode, there was a nice bar outside the tent and many chaishops, surrounded by many trees and by a simply but great exterior deco.
At 3:00am comes the first live, Concept (1st time at Portugal), that with his melodic dark put all people 4:00am comes Absolum that after a long time of absence of the Portuguese dancefloors comes with a very new and contagious live.

After Christof, it was time for CPU show us what he are producing and the result was the dancefloor completely the same time, five jugglers show us what they could do with fire, sending us to a very spiritual and tribal dance, one of the best moments of the party :)

At 07:30am started the live that everyone was waiting – SYNERGY…it was their first world performance, the connection of this two great artists, Christof and Samy, are without any doubt a great project. In the dancefloor at this moment you can see a trace of happiness and harmony, it was the end of the night and the beginning of a beautiful shinning day.

With the beginning of the day, the circus tent doors were opened to let the beautiful sun shine illuminates the dancefloor. At the bar the people could get fresh free fruit and stay out side of the tent in the shadows of the trees nearby.

At 11:00am started the Portuguese Clockwise live performance; Pedro and Paulo with their typical morning full on were no exception from the rest of the line up and the audience didn´t stop dance, without no doubt one of the best performances on the party.

Around 16:00pm it was Diogo aka Quantum Leap turn to give energy to the many people still at the dancefloor, many people for the time that already were, you could feel the happiness in the peoples faces, nobody wanted to leave the dancefloor because the ambient and the spirit that was being experience at that moment was divine. But the time passed and it was 20:00pm…the sound had to be stopped, the people stayed in the dancefloor talking and around but the party was at the end.

I’m full of expectations for next parties from GooDTrance that will be on April 8th and in June 9/10th…In my opinion, one of the best first parties of this year, 9/10 :)

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler & Tiago Rocha

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