Welcome to Austria's Klangkultur Festival


Author: Sonnenklang
Date: Mar 9, 2006
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Welcome to Austria\'s Klangkultur Festival
Sonnenklang IV
May 24th to May 28th 2006

The Spirit of Atlantis

….and once again, the sound of the sun is bringing us together

Sonnenklang I 2003 was on behalf of the solar eclipse. 2004 we celebrated the Venus Transit on Sonnenklang II. 2005 Sonnenklang III was dedicated to the “Crystal Children”! 2006 we will continue with “The Spirit of Atlantis”, the motto of Sonnenklang IV. Once more, we are focussing all our powers and energy to create the vision of a multi-media festival that will lead us to another dimension and open our hearts and souls.

According to Plato, around 12.000 years ago the island of Atlantis was situated somewhere within the Pillars of Hercules, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which is what we now call the Straits of Gibraltar. Since then, many people have been trying to disentangle the myth of Atlantis by producing new insights and presenting us with evidence that this lost continent really existed.

This allows us to perceive Atlantis in a unique way as it rises in our collective awareness on the basis of newly gained information along with old, yet highly interesting knowledge. It permeates our minds to make us aware of the tasks we are to take on, the talents we are to tap, the skills we are to enfold and last but not least the responsibility we are to assume to come to grips with our existence.

Atlantis has become the symbol of man’s true striving for a glittering, fertile and splendid world, in which we all live happily together and where we have the leisure to dedicate our selves to wisdom, the fine arts and culture.

Some might argue that mythology makes the notion Atlantis inseparable from the bitter taste of misuse of power, corruption and destruction that come to rest as a burden on the city’s existence. True as this might be, there is a positive aspect to all this, the potential and power of healing and unity. We all are familiar with the principle that ‘Where there is light, there are shadows’, that where there is no darkness, there is no light.

Mankind is awakening now to remember the past, to recall the quality of the Golden Age, which harboured the sound and safe blossoming of unity and diversity. By this token, we are calling out to all those who have taken the leap and are now in the process of healing and who are keen on joining us to actively shape the New Atlantis that is about to dawn on us.

Share the experience of a 5-day open-air festival on seven dance floors, a castle amid ancient trees scattered all over the surrounding park area, a medieval ruin, a lake in the midst of a forest, more than 100 live-acts and DJs, fluorescent-space decoration, visuals, performances, chillout-tent, market area, market area, fresh fruits, chaishops, tipis, drum power, meditation, camping, quiet camping area for families, workshops, child care center, security, first aid and many happy, beautiful and kind people.

Like in the years before we also want to support those people which are handicapped and unfortunate and need our help. Therefore we will again support the “Kinderhilfswerk” (children’s charity fund) and an organization for help people infected with leprosy.
Where the past and the future embrace each other in their happy dance - there you will find us, for that is where we are.

Love, light and Sound!

The Sonnenklang team

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