X-Dream Interview

Jan, Marcus and Ariel of X-Dream in Interview

Author: Sam@Chaishop.com
Date: Mar 5, 2006
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Date: Mar 5, 2006
Text: Sam@Chaishop.com

X-Dream Interview

X-Dream are pioneers of electronic music. 15 years ago they created the bassline for psychedelic trance. Today they create a symbiosis of techno, trance, electro and house.

In the 1h25 into-depth interview Jan, Marcus and Ariel of X-Dream talk about the development of psytrance and of themselfes. They talk about music and technology, the CD and MP3, future live and dj performances and - of course - of their projects. Strongly recommended if you wanna know a bit more!

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A 20 minutes version of the interview is part of Chaishop Music News 015

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