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Author: Nadia
Date: Mar 3, 2006
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Date: Mar 3, 2006
Text: Nadia -

Rodrigo Raggi aka Visua from Mexico, started to interact with the music at early age, before the psychedelic situation knows his musical preference was focused from the classical music up to the psychedelic rock. In 2002 - he knows and begins to experiment with the electronic music, one year later in 2003, initiates the project \"Visua\", focusing completely on the world of the psytrance. On November 15 of the same year it initiates his career presenting itself for the first time in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico soon it began to have booking in diverse festivals to the north and south of all the Mexican territory.

To a little time of his trajectory in the artistic way; in the previous months of this 2005, he signed 6 tracks for international compilations in countries as: Germany, England, Japan and New Zealand. In turn it was working at VS. track along with the Swedish’s Andreas Wennerscöld and Denis Bajramovski better known as Gaudium.

In this 2006, we hoped that 3 more releases on labels such as: Planet Ben Records, Spintwist Records & Oxygen Records also two of the artists most respected in the progressive scene are currently working in remixes of two tracks of Visua, Guy Shanti from Israel better know as Aerospace it’ll make a remix from the track called \"Energy\" release it on Midijum Records on the 2005 and Drew better know as Sun Control Species one of the top australians producers it’ll work at \"Stage of Evolution\" release it on Groove Zone Records a couple months ago. The remixes it’ll ready very soon expect to be release it on this 2006.

Visua – Stage of Evolution (Sun Control Species remix) soon!!

Visua – Energy (Aerospace remix) soon!!

Groove zone records V/A Aerocruz )_ Japan 2005.
Cosmic conspiracy records V/A Contact lens ) _ New Zealand 2005.
Yellow sunshine explosion V/A Goa Vol.2 )_ UK 2005.
Midijum records V/A Soul seeker 3 Epilog )_ Germany 2005.
Yellow sunshine explosion V/A Goa Vol.4 )_ UK 2005.
Midijum records V/A Natural healing )_ Germany 2005.

Coming Soon:
Gaudium vs. Visua – From Here to There – V/A – Area 51 Vol.002 Compiled by Dj Magical & Planet Ben (Planet Ben Records)
Visua – Spindrive – V/A – Spindrive Vol.2 Compiled by Vaishiyas (Spintiwst Records)
Visua – Sayonara – V/A – Occurrence Compiled by Nem (Oxygen Records)

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