100 years of Albert Hofmann

Author: Claus Baldauf
Date: Dec 15, 2005
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The discoverer of LSD will reach this incredible age on January 11.

Since then, millions of people all over the world have experienced a higher reality with profound and psychological insights and spiritual renewal; created innovative social transformation, music, art, and fashion; were healed from addiction and depression; experienced enlightened insights into human consciousness ...

Gaia Media Foundation stages this international symposium on the most widely known and most controversial discovery of a very outstanding scientist.
Some 60 years after Hofmann‘s discovery about 80 experts will present an in-depth review of all aspects of the unique phenomenon, informing and discussing history, experiences, implications, assess the risks and benefits of this most potent of all psychoactive substances.

Some of the scientists expected to come have worked with LSD in psycho therapy, others are musicians, writers or follow other art forms. Psychedelic trance artists Barnim Schultze (Akasha Project), Toby Marks (Banco de Gaia) as well as Jens Zygar and Steve Schroyder (Star Sounds Orchestra) will also come to Basel.

All of these people at the symposium travel to Switzerland to show just how highly they value Albert Hofmann‘s lifework.
And this is what mushroom magazine wants to express, too: Happy birthday, Albert!
Go for the next 100!

Albert Hofmann is in good condition of health, he‘s planning on taking part in the symposium with a speech. Does LSD keep you young? Probably the Swiss wouldn‘t confirm this. Lead a conscious life in love might be a more proper answer: Hofmann lives near Basel in the countryside with his 94 year old wife.
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