KERNEL Goa Infoblatt

an old goa newpaper and it's story

Author: Kernel
Date: Dec 1, 2005
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Date: Dec 1, 2005
Text: Kernel

KERNEL Goa Infoblatt

A free insiders psychedelic trance party information newspaper, issued monthly and published between May 1997 and June 1999 by Alan Frostick of Hamburg, who also ran a one-man Mix Tapes distribution business called KERNEL Goa at this time.

The Infoblatt was simply produced by photocopied black-and-white A5, folded to A6, decorated with hand-drawn graphic designs by Anja Piontowski, and was designed for distribution by hand at festivals and for posting to subscribers, who paid only for printing and postal costs, as well as to customers buying mix tapes and commercial Psy- and Goa trance CDs by mailorder. Only a few hundred copies were ever produced for each edition, but although it was relatively hard to obtain the Infoblatt was popular with the party people, who viewed it rightly as a work of love and devotion, and many contributed articles and party reports for it.

Several seminal ideas for magazine content developed by Alan for the Infoblatt were later incorporated into the Mushroom magazine as it turned away from the commercial techno scene and concentrated on the psychedelic trance scene. The printed Infoblatt gradually morphed into a website, which was also used as the source for the later versions of the printed magazine - simply by printing the browser pages. The kernel website was originally a subdomain of and was briefly issued independently as but neither of these exist today. Some of the features developed by Alan for the kernel website were later incorporated into Amalesh's Goabase ( and so it lives on.

As well as being a multi-talented creative person, working in internet technology, creative writing and german/english translation he also offers an aromatherapy massage service (, Alan remains active in the trance scene and is often to be seen joyously dancing to trance at the summer festivals. In addition Alan has recently undertaken a "grass roots" arts and artists support action called "Volkskunst-Hafencity" (

At the summer parties in 2006 Alan plans to make a large chillout tent available, with a strawberry theme, incorporating Trance Research Action and his Strawberry Massage service. Currently a director of the Trance Research Foundation (, Alan will be actively promoting trance research in Germany as well as offering training in trance techniques as an alternative to drugs (currently known as the Trance Rave Project). Alan is also working on several arts and trance related projects, currently in their planning stages, which will come to fruition during 2006: from making trance music according to Dennis Wier's scientific model for trance, to a video documentary about the festival scene.

Articles about Alan Frostick

Mushroom ("reset" edition) Sep.2003 an interview by Claus Baldauf
"Gesucht und gefunden" Trance, Leben und Entwicklung - Alan Frostick von Kernel Goa


Interviews and articles written by Alan Frostick

What's a Psy-Trance Party? - an essay Dec.1998 (God of Wisdom archives of 1998)


Dio the Wyrd - Trance Scientist - interview for Mushroom Feb.1998

German (condensed version)
English (full version)

Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Matsuri Label Party - Infoblatt interview Sep.1997


Contact to Alan Frostick

skype: kernel-goa


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