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Author: Damion
Date: Sep 15, 2005
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Date: Sep 15, 2005
Text: Damion
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Get The Lead Out
PsyBooty (USA)

There’s something I utterly love about this CD. If you’re 22, off your head on acid every weekend, and a member of the Astrix fanclub, then you may as well steer clear (although if you fit the above description and are female, here’s my number.) PsyBooty is all about a new sound, that we may as well all call PsyBooty – bubbling up from San Francisco (historically always *the* place for the musical melting pot), it’s a seriously sleazy fusion of psychedelia, tech house, progressive and…. shit, just damn good funky music. Biotone’s The Rhythm is a good starting place, it takes about half the tune before it drops, with this amazing bass that’s more felt that heard. Tribal vocal samples steer away the die-hard psyhead, leaving the rest of us to enjoy this hugely funky, dirty sound that just begs to be turned up and up and up as it goes along. The Trance Mix of Caldera’s Seismic Weasel is a perfect bit of music, it breathes and broods its way into a seriously psychedelic main run, with noises layered everywhere and somehow hanging together leaving the listener suspended… very, very nice indeed… and incredibly individual. Equisol’s Offline has a kind of funkier-Sensient feel to it, the way the sounds come together and create this surfy, breezy vibe is very addictive. Alpha Channel’s Floating Freely has a bassline that’s pure analogue-randomness and sits so low in the mix you wonder why normal psytrance doesn’t deploy these little sonic tricks. It drops into a phenomenally psychedelic midline, wobbles it about, then throws you around the room by means of surprise sounds, multiple stabs, and more suggested melodies than a confusedly tripping barbershop quartet. Equisol’s Need More comes in at a more slomo, oldskool techno sort of vibe the sounds are clustered at the bottomend and there’s about three incredibly funky grooves going on at once. Indigom’s Inhibiting Inhibitors is one of the strongest individual tracks on the album, a smoochy progressive monster with plenty of funk and enough sensible-ness to swagger confidently alongside some of the more interesting progressive trance out there at the moment. psytrip’s d33skoh is another standout, and this is an utter gem, one of the most adorable pieces of music I think I’ve heard all year. It’s got disco and funk flowing right through its veins, a tight and quirked groove… and then this amazingly haunting, eerie melody comes in and drives it along. The melody gets echoed in about four different voices, and all conspire to make one of the most exciting moments in progressive since Freq’s last album. erth’s extinction is trippy as hell, like sounds from an old Spirit Zone B-Side are being dropped over a loop from another planet. The melodies and sounds here move a little like Talpa’s, but the sound is hugely different – think a slower, more lumbering Sun Control Species, with the sonic fucked-ness of aphex twin and luke vibert’s bastard son at the controls. Next up is Bluetech, and I guarantee you won’t be expecting a sound like this. By all accounts, the mighty Evan may be better served NOT writing chill: this is a gorgeous piece of progressive, with quality seeping out of every pore. More like this mate, please! Bonus Track Pa’s Ole Fashion Moonshine from Caldera seems to fuse it all together with a great piece of morning progressive music, with funk deep in its soul. I’m simply staggered by this. It’s a brand new sound, kids, and it’s fucking delectable. PsyBooty are seriously getting the lead out on a new genre that I for one hope goes from strength to strength in the coming year.

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