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Author: damion
Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Date: Aug 4, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 8/10

Yes folks… a few days pre-festival so let’s get involved with a neat little compilation, that went out free with some of the ticket sales, showcasing some of the artists playing at the Sonica festival in Italy. Psysex’s Tiger Balm is full in keeping with their newer sound, good pacey fullon and with the added acidic runs it’s a nice and fluid little tune. Manic Miner s up next, from Nick (aka Panick) and it’s a damn tasty and balanced little groove going on there – fat in all the right places, its melodies hang suspended in a perfect way, producing a nice stuttered effect, and the main run at the end is fatter than yo mama, and even more enthusiastic in bed. Wrecked Machines turf out an expectedly-standardised tune with Bandbox, which has a perfectly adequate g roove but seems devoid of energy and is probably best skipped on this compilation. Pixel does well with Technology, Spirit and Mind: a very well-balanced tune with some killer melodies and a main run that just ignites the dancefloor when it peaks… looking forward to his set at the festival!n Joti thunks in with the predictable subtlety of a brick with Distorted Reality, with massive fat noises at the centre. The lo-fi sound we saw on the recent album is still here, but with a little more intelligence in the topend…. He could be onto a winner here. It’s got a great balance of mess, grace, melody and punk that’s as addictive as it is exciting – good work that lad. Wizzy Noise turn out an utter belter with Leslie Dusty Blue, with a topend that’s almost like Misted Muppet in its soaring melodic flurries. It builds into an awesome run, with some of the biggest sounds around at the moment – these guys are definitely, definitely on form right now. Sub6’s Bozow isn’t bad, there’s a few incongruous stabs that sound very laid-over the rest of the track that make it sound forced, and the whole tune comes across as rather limp. Silicon Sound’s Departure is his best I’ve heard this year by far – somehow the chords and sounds, right from the off, have this strangely emotive energy just seeping out from the speakers… dreaming to hear this loud! The production is silky, the progression is milky, and the way it all falls together creating the perfect lemon-and-lime for morning gin & tonic dancing in the sun. Tikal’s Tequila kicks off with a guitar that could be sampled from Paul Simon (streets ahead of Pop Stream’s farken Fuengo tune for my money) – it’s gonna get a smile on your face this one is. Easy to say right before the festival but… look, it’s cheesy okay? Nobody’s taking this seriously. It will either get you running towards it, or running away form it. For my money it’s going to be the chummy, smiley tune of the festival and I firmly look forward to fa lling over while being too drunk to dance to it. End of. Sonica is either a CD that gets you in the mood for a festival by getting you all excited (me) or a CD that reminds you of the fun you had at sonica (you, possibly)… on its own, the contributions here are way better than average. It’s worth a sniff, and then some.

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