Various - States Of Awareness (Ajuca)


Author: Damion
Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Date: Aug 4, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 8/10

Compiled by Jamie Robinson and Haze, this compilation not only features a NEW zen mechanics track, but also draws up some unknown (to me, anyway) names into a pretty tasty compilation. Z Man’s In Da Mix samples the rap from Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and puts it over a cruisy and baggy fullon backbone: not as cheesy as you might think, the scampering synthline in the middle works very well, and the melodies get nicely wonky towards the end. I’m still to be convinced by Echotek, I just don’t get ‘it’ about him – I’ve seen his music send a dancefloor bonkers, and read superlative-laden reviews of his stuff, but it’s lost on me. His 10 High is nicely-enough produced but seems to me to be going through the motions, even though when it comes together it’s a decent enough ride. Zen Mechanics’ Orbital Candy is bloody class: deep, lucid stuff. The production reminds me a little of Logic Bomb, in the way the sounds are suspended in midair, and there’s also a lot of oldskool in the way the tweaks get tweaked (this is a good thing!) There’s wonderful melodies here, coasty breezy runs, effortlessly brilliant. Top top top!! Perplex vs Skulptor’s Take Me Away is a whole lot heavier and sparkier than I’d expect with Perplex’s name on. The groove is wonderful here, genuinely exciting… it sucks you in and suggests big things. The breakdown gets a little cheesy, but it definitely sparks things up, and the final run sends it gnarlier still. Kybalion’s Crazy Creatures is a good wobbly groove with some nice noises and Chronicle’s Saxy Muvva Funker works itself into a frenczy before flying headlong into an awesome jazz/funk workout. Mukunga Umbura’s After Touch is great, but too short – it builds into a very intricate and downright adorable bit of morning trance, and then it’s over.. noooo!!! Visual Sounds from Unlimit Head has a great groove and a lovely sound. It coasts along nicely, a sort of filtered beer-in-hand vibe going through it, with maybe a hint of Beat Hackers. V-Storm’s Visual Sounds is energetic and spacey fullon: great lines, with perfect squelch and technoey stabs making it perfect for fluid, bouncy dancefloors. Zion’s gigglemakingly-named Dik Onkey (read it again – does it make you giggle? Or is it just me?) is acid-led mayhem for the masses. Wonderful squeak with added wobble. It sort of suggests darkness and menace, but falls back into a wonderfully wonky groove, a bit like watching two tranquilised horses trying to play basketball. In the snow. Finally Superstrings by Superstring gets a remix from Eskimo and Madcap (aka Jamie Robinson), and I think I can honestly say that this is the best tune I’ve ever heard to have Eskimo’s name attached to it. Proper, interstellar stuff… It’s perfect, gathering energy (a lot of it) before shooting it out at you like nobody’s business. A perfect balance of space, energy and melody which reminds you just why you love this music. This is a nice collection, the stuff from new names is a warm surprise and makes this well worth checking out.

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