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Interview with Arjun of Elevate

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Date: Jul 20, 2005
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Date: July 20, 2005
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Elevate is a new club in Delhi, India. What is special about elevate?

Yes. Elevate is still a baby, we will be finishing one yr on the 6th of Aug 2005. The club is divided into 4 floors:

MAIN FLOOR- it is at the ENTRY level of the club. It has the biggest Bar of the club on this floor. It also has the Worlds Fastest & most Power full Body Sonic Dance Floor which could accommodate up to 400 pax. This floor could take up to 600 pax.

MEZZANINE-This Early Drinkers Lounge also known as the Socialite Lounge. Having a mix of New Age European & Royal Indian Thrones & silver furniture. The Cocktail Bar of the Mezzanine would be extremely popular with New elevate recipes. Birds eye view from this floor.

THE V.I.P.- Strictly confined & reserved for the V.I.P.s & the Celebs with out of the world interiors with Swaroski Chandeliers & Crystal Panels with Jeweled Furniture. A separate menu with Top of the Line Liquor & Wines

The Terrace-The Getaway as it is called for it is situated on the roof top offering a Reviver Buffet & special Fresh Juice & sorbet Courses including refreshing chillers, milkshakes & fizzes. The seating is low & chill out.

Sound & Lights @ ELEVATE

The SOUND & LIGHT of the club was done by Mr. Dave Parry of MOST TECHNICAL, LONDON, U.K. who is also behind the most renowned nightclubs like the first Ministry of Sound,uk and Fabric U.k Etc he stayed in India for a period of one yr to look after the operation.
We have Martin Audio sound system having a capacity 1,00,000 watts with no breaking in the sound even at 130 DBS and Martin Lights.
Our DANCEFLOOR, we have a linear array of transducers which produce vibrations via a motor, vibrations known as the BODY SONIC DANCE FLOOR THE DANCEFLOOR BEING RECTANGLE PLATFORM WITH 46- 1,000 WATT TRANCEDUCER WHICH MAKE THE LARGEST AND STRONGEST FLOOR SET UP in the world till now, Which accentuate the musical experience, which helps in altering the body frequency to the music being played hence giving a natural beat to the dancers. Elevate is only open on weekends and on each time we open we fly down international Artists and djs from across the globe.

Interior designs: IGLOO DESIGNS @ ELEVATE

ESTD: 1995-BY Former Free Lance Designer SOO WILKINSON & JOHN GRANT
Done Interiors for BUGGED OUT & SANKEY SOAP in Manchester and BACK TO BASICS in LEEDS and CONVENTRY, Other projects include Taste@ The Tate Gallery, Liverpool. The Rizla Café which tours Britain main Music Festivals. Most Recent projects include, REHAB for Back to Basics in Leeds Space Club for True Reason also in Leeds and Sumo for xenon marketing in Leicester. All have been featured in various magazines and trade Publications.

Igloo have recently been nominated in the BEDA awards for the Best Interior Design Practice (UK), along with Rehab which is Up for the Best Club (North of England), and Sumo which is up for the Best Bar (Midlands)

Video Projection: We have 2 projectors with live video jockeys, screen size 30 Feet. JP, France from U.V. Studios is the resident Video Jockey for ELEVATE, Piku and Yazmin are vjing as well.

Elevate can hold up to 2000 plus People. The club is within 16,000 Sq feet.

How strong is the Club scene in India specially delhi?

The club scene in India is growing a lot as a number of international artists/djs are showing more interest in performing in India.
You can say ELEVATE has initiated the Electronic music culture in India in a big way as we have been providing the clubbers with Top Quality Sound,Lights,interiors and International Artists/djs.

This is a period of educating the people about the various Genre of Electronic music as most of the clubbers are only aware of the big names like PVD, Okenfold ect.

What Music Styles Are Hip And Why Do You Think Especially These?

Well the masses India connect with Uk Bhangra ( Bhangra is basically Punjabi Rap, Punjabi is the local language of PUNJAB State in India ) which is mixed with 4*4 beats giving it a more electronic feel also bollywood music Remixes are very HiP with the crowd in India (bollywood is basically Indian cinema music mixed with beats) other than that Psy trance is becoming very popular in India.

India is experiencing an enormous growth in economy these days. Is India westernizing? How do young people think about traditional virtues?

Rise in economy and per capita income of individuals, couples with full airfares with increase in tourist inflow and outflow has caused a major paradigm shift in the night club industry.
Westernization is happening with music and fashion is flowing across the young people have traditional values safeguarding there conscience. However some aspects of westernization are quiet beneficial

What’s the status of women in the Indian club scene? How do they act?

The change in the music and clubbing industry with in flow of music across the country has made the experience worthwhile and so much that a lot of women have also started partying in groups with or without male companion. Elevate has further insured that these single women are not under any fear and are safe. We have a security team of 18 bouncers and security officers with 15 vlalet+8 security guards. Hence the ratio of women have increased in the past few months.

What’s your target with Elevate?

Well ELEVATE is soon going to release a CD. We are planning to release all Genres of electronic music, including psy trance under the record label K-OTIC Sounds.
Other than that we plan to do a lot more international acts and make ELEVATE an International Brand.

How many international travelers visit your club?

30-40% of the guests include expats and international travelers.

How is trance music developing in Indian metropolis like Delhi?

Psy trance is growing incredibly in India as it’s very popular with the youth; Most of the top artist are showing interest to play in India which is a very good sign.

What’s your impact here?

Impact of exposure, broadening of thinking and cost of all assessment of future entertainment. Elevate is 10 years advanced in light sound that any club offer in Asia. We offer an international environment for clubbers.

Thank you for the interview!

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