Various - Set 5: Summer Collection (Iboga)

compiled by Banel & Emok

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jul 20, 2005
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Review by Jannick Andersen // pr0fane

Artist: Various
Title: Set/5 - Summer Collection ˆ compiled by Banel & Emok
Label: Iboga
Format: CD (Jewelcase with 6 page inlay)
Released: June, 2005


Yay. Getting home from 2 weeks vacation, it was a very nice surprise to find the new Iboga compilation in the stack of mail under all the usual bills and advertisements. The title is \"Set/5 ˆ Summer Collection\", and yes, you\'ve guessed it: the 5th release in the longest-running series of compilations from the Danish powerhouse label. But enough with the small talk ˆ we all know what to expect frem Iboga, so let\'s get down to business:

01. Perfect Stranger ˆ Whats The Lineup [130 BPM]
Yuli Fershtat has been closely related to Iboga for some time now, releasing various singles and stand-alone tracks as BLT, and lately also under his newer, slower sideproject Perfect Stranger. \"Whats The Lineup\" is a lovely tune with a very distinct groove ˆ laidback, but still groovy. It progresses nicely without any big surprises, until around half way when there\'s an epic, tender melody panning from left to right ˆ great stuff.

02. Son Kite - Catch [140 BPM]
After the massive schedule following the \"Colours\" series, news where that Son Kite where now focusing more on their house-project Minilogue, so it was a nice surprise to see a fresh Son Kite track being released here. Like expected, \"Catch\" is a smashing track ˆ as always the production is absolutely massive, and while it isn\'t their best track to date, it\'s still a multilayered bomb, with a stunning epic atmosphere. Doesn\'t sound like anything else in the scene today.

03. Ace Ventura ˆ Cardiac Arrest (Zen Mechanics Remix) [138 BPM]
\"Cardiac Arrest\" by Ace Ventura from Psysex was featured on the last \"Set\" compilation, and here we get a new remix by the young Dutch talent Zen Mechanics. Zen Mechanics uses the best elements from slightly acid-inspired original , but takes a faster and more full on approach, and the result is a powerful dancefloor version. A great track, yet perhaps not very interesting as a remix.

04. Frogacult ˆ Bye She Said [128 BPM]
Frogacult provide a sudden shift in tempo, and \"Bye She Said\" is a track, that will certainly be appreciated by those longing for new Frogacult material after their \"Something For Sundays\" album released last year. A bit slower than their earlier material, with subtle melodies and clever use of voice-samples (reminds me a lot of Holm & Andersens \"Cityrain\" in places) and the deep, yet pleasant forest-atmosphere Frogacult is so well known for.

05. Liquid Soul ˆ Go Reality [135 BPM]
Liquid Soul was almost completely unknown just 1 year ago when he played at VooV Experience, but since his performance he\'s received attention from some of the key players on the progressive scene, including Plusquam, DOMO and Iboga. After a long break, he was also the first EP-release on Iboga for a long time, and \"Go Reality\" was one of the tracks from that EP. A solid afternoon stomper with a hard edge ˆ festival music.

06. Flowjob - Wadley [128 BPM]
The Danish duo Flowjob is a name to look out for in the future. Their music can best be described as a mixture of progressive house and traditional Scandinavian progressive forest-trance, and \"Wadley\" follow that exact formula. A very positive track with some absolutely delicious guitar samples. I would have liked some more variation as the track seems to stand still for too long though, but nevertheless it\'s very good.

07. Reefer Decree ˆ Gone For Good [138 BPM]
Just a few years ago Reefer Decree was one of Ibogas most important acts, but after they broke up Oliver failed to make his Oryx-project as big a success. Oliver has now decided to start Reefer Decree again ˆ this time without his old partner Jiwook Bijl, and \"Gone For Good\" is the first track from the new Reefer Decree. With its mellow melodies and tender grooves it\'s somewhat similar to \"Nightvision\" (which was a huge hit at Danish parties, despite never getting released) and is definitely a beautiful morning track. I have second thoughts if it will be a hit in a scene that has evolved since then though ˆ we\'ll wait and see for the upcoming album.

08. Luna Spice ˆ Eclipsed´ay [138 BPM]
Luna Spice from France has been around for some time now, and the debut album \"Reflexion\" released last year on Sub Machine was a very refreshing release, that unfortunately didn\'t receive the attention it deserved. \"Eclipsed´ay\" continue in the same line as on the album ˆ very, very deep and atmospheric trance with a dark edge, yet very enjoyable and uplifting. I simply love this.

Bottom line:

It\'s amazing that Iboga can release so much music in a steady flow, and still keep their high standard - I can honestly say that I enjoy every track on \"Set/5\", and that is something I consider extremely rare these days (even on the other Iboga compilations). It\'s not perfect though ˆ the flow is a bit weird, and some tracks could have used some more variation (Flowjobs \"Wadley\" was a bit too much of the same, and I found Zen Mechanics remix of \"Cardiac Arrest\" too close to the original), but despite this, I absolutely love this release.

In my opinion it\'s the best Iboga-compilation since the classic \"FX\". Great for homelistening, and absolutely essential for progressive DJ\'s this summer.


1, 2 (!!), 3, 4, 5(!!), 6, 7, 8(!!)





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