Buddha Mantra

Visionary Decoration

Author: Juggler
Date: Jul 9, 2005
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Miguel Ângelo is a young Portuguese that always loved the parties decor and visual atmospheres, he studied Art and Web Design, in 2000 strart to produce some Logos, Flyers and CD-Covers. The Buddha Mantra project started in 10 January of 2004 when Miguel Ângelo had the idea of making some simple 3D solid decor for private parties in Portugal. In Summer of 2004 he had some new ideias for the project witch result in the creation of complex structures, and at the moment he’s also getting started in fluor paintings. Like very mutch the Brahma style and spirit as well as Punkadelik. Loves geometric mandals and visionary worlds.
Buddha Mantras for All and for ever.......Om Mani Padme Hum....

Here are some examples of his work...


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