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Author: Kai Mathesdorf
Date: Jul 1, 2005
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What has happened to the progressive scene in general and specially to the Swedish one after your last album in your personal view?

I really don't know what to say about the scene, since we never had one here in Sweden. But it feels like the progressive music became an escape for many trance DJ's and producers that started to realize that trance music in general stopped filling it's purpose by not being trancy enough. It became faster and faster, noisy, hysteric and binary. Trance in 1990 to 1995 was a journey in to sound. It had a warm message of fictionally worlds and planets in a hypnotic tempo related to the human bodies own heartbeat where it all became a state of mind called trance. Instead of a one way journey to hell on a hysteric layer vortex with most of the time messages of how many micrograms a human head can take with out exploding... what the f**k is that suppose to mean???

Atmos (Tomasz Balicki)
[photo: Kai Mathesdorf]

What has happen to you? Describe the development of your style of music, please.

The only thing that happend to me is that I grew older since my first album headclener : ) I don't even think that my music developed that much since I still get inspired by the same things. I think the big difference this time is more that I have trained my ears and I'm finally getting better and better on producing. Ofcourse I have been influenced by the music from the house and techno genere more than from the full-on but I think I'm still on the case of producing trance suitable for cars, apartments, afterpartys, housecleaning and chill out moments. Generally what I want is to deliver to people warm uncomplicated beats and grooves that doesn't require drugs or any illegal substances to understand the contents of it. Another motto of my productions is that I'm always trying to produce music that becomes timeless and not trendy.
Trendy becomes cool for a month and timeless lives on forever.

[photo: Kai Mathesdorf]

The title of your new album is "2nd brigade". What's the meaning of it?

2nd Brigade means basically the second album after "Headclener" but it's supposed to mach the cover that is a very ironic picture that might seem a bit brutal the first time you look at it. Basically every one knows how soft and cheesy music I'm producing and also everyone that knows me personally knows that I have sometimes a bit strange sence of humor. My idea was to have a cover that doesn't really go together with the contents of the album. For example it would be very strange to find a CD from a Death/Satan heavy metal band that would have a small kitty cat as a cover of their album. Also I see the cover as a metaphor to the struggle I had for some years when people had a demand that I was supposed to play Psy trance and nothing else due to that I produced trax like "the only process" and "Klein aber Doctor" once upon a time. There was many times that I felt like I was not standing in a DJ-booth but instead in the line of fire in the middle of a battle trying and never giving up to tell people with my music "Hey, it's ok to lower the tempo a couple of bpm's... don't be afraid of things called harmony and groove". But that's OK, it was worth it in the end, now people know and respect the stuff I DJ and produce. Maybe because they feel it comes from my heart. It's like Beastie boys once said in one of their trax
"Be true to your self and you will never fall"

Atmos - „2nd Brigade“ CD
[photo: Spiral Traxx]

We all have a psychedelic background in our trance history, I think. Your new music is as much club like as never heard before and a brilliant fusion of styles. What's up with your actual vision in music? What's about your concept and what kind of an audience do you like to produce and play for?

I have a concept, and it's very easy. Never produce more complicated music than the audience you want to play it for. It doesn't matter what kind of music you want to produce. So who is the audience than? As much as I want to please people on the dance floor the same much I want to please people outside the dance floor. Wich means I want my grand mother to enjoy my new album as much as I hope that you and everyone else in the world will do. I also know that neither you or my grandma are complicated people... less is more.

Atmos on the decks
[photo: Kai Mathesdorf]

A big part of the global scene became more and more a scene of full on freaks. What are you doing if you have to play at the southern hemisphere? What's your trick to play for/with a full on crowd?

As I earlier mentioned about my personal battle against the narrow sited people that believes that dance music is only playable in four digit BPM's : ) I took my ration of salad, bottles, buuuuu's and boiled tomatoes thrown at me but as I always said to my self there is always sunshine after rain. The 4 digit people gave up in the end and the crowd that didn't hang around the DJ booth telling the DJ how to play won. On the small parties that I play I hardly never see full on freaks anymore just smiling happy dancers and beautiful chicks... that's the small parties. The big festivals I'm just trying to see the line up first before I even say yes to the gig. If I say yes that means I have at least some artists and DJ's that share the same meaning with me about music. But seriously I'm not worried at all cause lately the most boneharded full-on freaks have slowly accepted the progressive music as some sort of daytime recreation music. Where they want the full-on at night and the progressive during the day and afternoon. According to my opinion that is the best solution cause you enjoy all music best if you do not get to much of it and the same goes with progressive.

taken from mushroom magazine and brought to you by liese

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