Various - Accelerator 2.0 – Compiled by Beka (Turbotrance)


Author: Damion
Date: Jun 16, 2005
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Date: Jun 16, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 8/10

Compiled by Australia’s Beka, the second instalment in the Accelerator series takes things further than before, with a pretty damn tasty blend and variation of melodies, grooves and production that makes for a neat little package. Triptych storms it open with Here I Am, sounding a little like Wizzy Noise with a fat and baggy midrange, plenty of energy bringing it along to a brwakdown before It heads off again, much more restrained and mature than a lot of Triptych’s output. Polaris’ Unity is awesome, a very clean and shiny slice of melody-driven trance. Sounds and flurries all layer perfectly, and right form the off you know this is going to have everything in the right place at the right time. It’s not too over the top, not too muted – just perfect and with a dazzling, rip e clarity that’s incredibly rare. Overlap’s When Dreams Come True has a nice little sound to it, it’s not too heavy on the bass which makes for a refreshing change. And the tune’s a belter and all, with textures and melodies all rising and falling to a gorgeous break that’s awash with feedback, slicers and good vibes, and it drops into a wonderfully understated, yet epic, final run. Class. Alternative Control’s Hijacka has a nice acidy drive to it, and a comfortable and danceable groove, but it’s marred for me by the vocal over the top, which sounds like it came from an early 90s happy hardcore tune. Without the vox, it’s pretty damn decent; a nice Spanish guitar loop would have been the centre of a nice bit of morning trance, but the MC vocal just makes it a parody. Which may be the point, in which case it’s the latest of a 30-year series of jokes to go waaay above my head. Aphid Moon’s Do What You Want is sublime, definitely the standout here for my money and further evidenc e that Jules is on fine, fine form right now. It drives acidic to its first break, then picks up seething balls and attitude, bubbling over the edge of the cauldron. Bloody tasty. Mekkanikka seems to sound less and less like Mekkanikka all the time, and Booyakasha sees him fully in the knees-up stomping field. Very energetic, this tune’ll get caned this summer – big lines, big energy, and the addition of Ali G samples will ensure that people are asking each other what this record is for the next few months. Interactive’s Psycho Entertainment dives and rises with a chunky fat fullon sound, Point & Quantum’s I’m So… smooths its way along nicely, a decent piece of dancefloor-holding morning music. Intelabeam’s Power Puff closes the album nicely, this is one of the better tracks from Intelabeam I’ve heard. Low-set and with an almost cheekily lazy groove to it, and when it comes alive it’s a wonderful piece of music. Synths rise and rise in a sort of Blue Planet Corp way, before it drops into this awesome baggy groove thru to the end. With Overlap and Aphid Moon leading the way, Accelerator is a decent compilation with plenty of everything. It’s varied, it sounds very fresh, and it’s likely to be towards the front of many a Case Logic at this summer’s parties.

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