KumQuat Tunes

zurich's new label

Author: ondrej
Date: Jun 2, 2005
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Date: Jul 2, 2005
Text: ondrej

KumQuat Tunes is a label based in Zurich, Switzerland. To explore the deeper and uplifting sides of progressive music. Founded in Spring 2005 by Stefan Keller, Gianni Gozzi and Ondrej Kolacek. The fusion between a swiss, italian and a czech Individual gives a special taste to the label.
The music policy of the label is simply quality Progressive. Some, a bit more uplifting, some, a bit more techy, and some a bit harder, but all in the progressive bracket. The philosophy of the label is just to give people good quality music, well packaged and easily identifiable, with the KumQuat Tunes brand a seal of quality.

find more infos @ www.kumquat-tunes.com

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