Author: Nikka
Date: May 19, 2005
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Date: May 19, 2005
Text: Nikka

Nicolas Oesch (aka Nikka) is the sole creator of Mekkanikka. He was born in Switzerland and as a child showed a natural affinity to music. At the age of 8 he started to play the piano and in his teens played bass in local bands (punk, funk, rock…). Later he moved to Santa Cruz California with band mate Samy Guerighe where they started their own recording studio. They continued working on projects and were producing other local artists (house, hip hop, jazz…). In 1998 Nikka and Samy moved their studio to San Francisco and shifted their focus to psytrance. Here they combined their creative talents with another friend Max Peterson and produced the super psycadelic project of Biodegradable.

Mekkanikka’s first album release “Basic Tribal Pattern” (Spirit Zone) received much attention from the international dance floor. Since that first release, Nikka has toured all around, Japan, USA, Europe, Mexico, Brazil…playing at massive events such as the Voov(Germany), Zoom(Switzerland), XXXperience(Brazil)…In the meantime his sound has taken a serious turn, releasing on labels like, 3D vision, Third eye rec, Phantasm rec, Spliff music…... Full on uplifting trance, with a certain cutting edge to it...
a new style maybe ??? With an immediate reaction from the dance floor, Mekkanikka is bringing changes in the Neo psy trance sound. Ground breaking, challenging, earthshaking, this new style is for sure gonna take you to higher places. Dig out your Doc. Martins boots, bust out your hair gel, rehearse some of those pogo moves and let the Mekka take you on a hard spin….Burn baby, Burn…..


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