Anax Interview

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Date: May 12, 2005
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Anax Interview

1 – Name/Age?
Dusan Sekic / 25 years old

2 – Where Are You From?
Serbia / Belgrade

3 - How long are you in trance scene?
7 years

4- In your project “Anax” what have been the most important musical influences on your music’s and sounds?
Acid House Music, sound of Roland 303

5 – What equipment do you use to produce your music?
AMD2400+, 1GB DDR, 2xHDD 80GB, Terratec Phase 26 USB, Monitors M-audio, Midi Controller - Evolution MK-449c

6 - Free text about your project?
Anax aka Duca was born at the year 1980 in Belgrade, Serbia. He was always crazy about music. Before he started with music production he was visiting local clubs. Not much after that he bought his first vinyl’s and started with DJing, played acid and techno sound. After his first contact with trance music he felt enormous wish to make it by himself. It was at 1999. - 2000. He produces mostly the music for dancefloor.
Beside project Anax where he is working alone, hi is also producing music with his younger brother known as Micro System (15 years old), and the name of that project is Dupe.

7 - Tell me about your favourite projects in trance scene at the moment?
A lot of shity music has been released these days. I can say just 2 projects that I like very very much: Space Cat and Oforia.

8 - How you see the trance parties’ scene in Serbia and in the rest of the world?
Serbia is small country but we have a lot of people in trance scene,
a lot of quality artists and dj’s. Soon we will rock the dancefloor all over the world. The only thing I don\'t like is too much drug on parties. The same problem is in the rest of the world.

9 – What do you think about the mp3 trade by internet?
I don\'t like mp3 traders, that are black market; it\'s killing us, artists and labels!

10 - Your sense of life?
Just try to be positive and do positive things.

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