Croatian trance scene in 2005


Author: shuma
Date: May 5, 2005
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Date: May 5, 2005
Text: Shuma

Since the last year there are some changes in Croatia, going to more positive way than last 2 years. Some new party organizers and tribes emarge and start to do a good job - first is Trancepleme crew with there Tribe Control partys that gained massive support from psy and progressive trance party ppl in Zagreb and second is BoomShroomTribe from Osijek with there small underground ppl-friendly partys, cheep entrance and lot of positive energy. Also Tribalizer is here, but have problems with place since there club Attack is closed, and are now waiting for new place to start again with there work!

Production in Croatia got new dimension this year for sure. Most of the projects dissapear from scene, like In-nascore, and now there are only two projects that are worth of writing about Parrket and Shuma. Parrket is Mladen Glavinic from Zagreb releasing on Tribal Vision records and Pukka music. He is producing darker side of psy trance, full on and progressive psy trance. On the other hand, strictly progressive there is Shuma, Zagreb based project of Davor Tosovic and Emir Cehaic. They are releasing on Munich based label PlayOutRightNow recordings and on VP records and Tribalvision records.

There are some new quality djs also like dj Avex (progressive) and Dovla (chill out).

This year again will be held biggest of all trance festivals in Croatia - Underwater Overground 3 - Tribute to our friend Sheki (dj Kobayagi), underwater founder, man with vision , who was found dead on Goa earler this year. Knowing that it was his dream to continue with the festival in spite of all the odds against underwater crew, they have decided to continue with the Underwater-overground festival 3, making it again with massive international line up and only the best of croatian dj and acts! Fore more info check out

Site to be checked out for sure is , first and the only Croatian Trance Internet Magazine. This is the best place to check out what is going on and to get new fresh info about scene, read interviews with croatian and forin artist, get info about upcoming events and more!

Also you should check out , , and if you are interested in comercial VIVA like trance you should maybe check out . Also for general party info (trance, techno, house, dum`n`bass) you should check out

contact Emir (dj hip / shuma)

Davor (shuma)

Dovla (

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