Avalon - Session One EP feat. Mr Peculiar

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 28, 2010
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The release sheet speaks about "daytime sound" but I disagree. Still good music.



 1 - Final Transmission

 2 - Aggressive Progressive



The name Final Transmission reminds a science fiction movie. And so does the sound: Starting with a very mystical and cinematic intro, a minimal arrangement evolves. AHHH - MINIMAL - THE EVIL! certain characters might should out now despairingly. But I am quite sure that also those will move their asses when listening to this music... It is just that there are never more than 3, 4 main sound effects, synthesizer chords or melody entries employed at a time. And that is per definition minimal. The driving force is rather caused by the rich, whipping percussion elements. Some nice night time stuff for big sound systems!

Aggressive Progressive is a somewhat misleading title, at least for me this is no Progressive sound but close to the highly energetic atmosphere of the other track. In this respect defintely aggressive progressive, yes. This one also comes along very deep, dark and mighty but there are more classical Full On sounds featured here and all together it appears even more acidic and trippy to me. The release sheet speaks about "daytime sound" but I disagree. I see lasers and weird video projections when listening.

Conclusion: Though I would not label the available release a timeless classic, NANO Records maintains its status as one of the best Psy Trance labels today. High-quality dance floor music with an intelligent edge.

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