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Author: manuel
Date: Apr 21, 2005
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based in Barcelona (spain)
started playing at events in the year 1996
former label owner of uphonic records in the netherlands.

Uphonic releases:

V.A compilations
-Rolling synthochords –including tracks from Magus,Blt&Quantum,Bamboo forest

-Frequent flyers – including tracks from Droidlock,Bamboo forest,Orion.Blt&morax

-Navajo – tribal dance/

-Cybersnack- progress dub

-Insect sun –dive

Main events:
-Matsuri label party 98\' cologne Germany.
-Spiral trax label party 99\' grube siedlinghausen Germany.
-Rave xxperience events 2000,01\',02\',03\'. Brazil.
-Exotic native new years festival 01\' french island Australia.
-Megavonts festival sao paulo 01\' Brazil.
-Universo parallelo festival 02\' alto paraiso Brazil.
-Arvika festival 03\' Sweden.

more events around Israel,Greece,Russia,Hungary,Denmark,Switzerland,Portugal,The Netherlands,India,New Zeeland,Bolivia,Costa Rica and u.s.a

music style: psychedelic trance, tribal tech house


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