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Author: Dj Anahata
Date: Apr 13, 2005
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Date: Apr 15, 2005
Text: Dj Anahata

I’ am naturally very proud to presents Materia Records, a new Label specialized in Full On Trance, high technology and futuristic sounds, create by Swiss DJ Anahata.
Materia born with artistic potential lately present in Spain, and particularly in Barcelona city, where ours studios and office Ares located.
We are musicians coming from Spain, Brazil, Switzerland and Israel, all relocated in Spain.
Materia selected the best artists in the area.
Most of them already well implanted on the international level, take this opportunity to present some new solo project (Delusion, Painkiller) but as well as opening doors for promising news comers (Kali, DJ Anahata, Sum Sindhu) here at Materia we always open ear for top productions.
Some of our artists are already affiliate with the very respected Label 3D-Vision, Ibiza, (Mekkanikka, CPU, Inner Action, or the young Daniel Campos).
All the artwork, cover design, flyers, for Materia. is by Jacque (DJ Starspine, Alchemy rec.).
We working actually in the Goodfellas promotion, for example Materia Label party’s Barcelona-Madrid-Switzerland-Portugal, soon more to be confirmed.

Ciro Gisiger / DJ Anahata
Label Manager


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