Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 25, 2010
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14 short questions - 14 short answers : "Speed-interviewing" Thomas Vitali aka Sunstryk

Name: Thomas Vitali

Origin: Munich, South-Germany

Look (Yes, your outer appearance in one term, please!): Clean

My sound is special because: Every track is different and emotional

Had my last phonecall with: My Mother, one day before her starting vacation :)

Biggest compliment: "So geil gsi !" (Swiss German...)

Biggest achievement: Better and better working ears

Worst fuckup (musically): Lost files of a "killer track" :)

Favourite drink on stage: Red Bull

I am specially excited about: Vuuv & Boom 2010

Last record I bought:
Liquid Soul - Cocktails + Liquid Soul (Synthetic Vibes reprint) because I lost my own copy

I am looking forward for: The release of my debut album "Pure Essence" in July.

I hate: Time stress

I finally wanted to say: Thanks for your time and interest !

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