Shiva Chandra

Author: Roberdo
Date: May 21, 2010
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Señor "Schaukelstuhl" returnes with another release! Time to ask the Progressive Trance veteran some questions:

Roberdo: Your brand new EP is coming on SpinTwist these days, finally some new stuff from you! What have you been doing during the past years, where have you been?

Shiva: Well, I did various things, mainly music. I concentrated on film music / commercials, I have a lounge project with Dominic Bentner known as an old Goa DJ named Dominic Sangeet, we have had several releases on compilations from Sony BMG, Ministry of Sounds and many more. I did a lot of Minimal/Techno music, a field of sound on which I launched a new project together with my Brother called Vernunft. You can check out that sound on www.myspace/vernunft-music. And last but not least I was travelling around and played in many countries all over the world and I was producing some new Shiva Chandra music which we`re talking about, of course.

Roberdo: Please describe the style of your new EP in one single term!

Shiva: Progressive Trance.

Roberdo: On which sound elements did you concentrate specially when creating these tunes? Is there any special gear or software you specially like to use recently, and why?

Shiva: In one track on the EP, called Words, I concentrated on some vocal samples, building a melody with them. Further I used the whole spectrum of gear which is available today, almost every software.

Roberdo: Are you also going to release some re-works of your great hits from around 10 years ago?

Shiva: I just finished a remix of my legendary track "Schaukelstuhl" and yes, I am planning to do some remakes of other tracks too.

Roberdo: Speaking about "10 years ago" - What has changed most within the Psy Trance scene since then? Please try to answer this question as short as possible!

Shiva: Well, the people changed. Many of the old people are gone and many new came. Music changed to a bit more minimal as many of the old producers do this sound right now. I would call it Minimal Progressive / Psy, but it`s still not Minimal / Techno. And most of the producers release this style on labels which are still common for the Psychedelic Trance scene and their crowd. 

Roberdo: Where can people hear you playing this summer?

Shiva: I do not play on the big festivals this year. I`m a little bit tired of those.

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